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    So I want to extract data from a large data set using pivot. But i only want to extract specific data that contains specific word, can i do it with Pivot Table?
    Let's say the large data set has 5column. i want to extract all the 5 columns, but only data contains word "SUP" and "C" in column A. Can i do it with PIVOT or is there other alternatives?

    What do u mean by my userform remain totally empty?

    i currently use this code formy userform:

    Yes i need them both mutually dependant

    YES!! The test file is EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECT THANKYOU :)
    I surely followed your explanation.

    I have no idea what goes wrong but, what if i use column H & C instead of B & A? do i need to change the "k"value ?

    i tried to apply the formula to my worksheet but it doesnt work, im trying to figure out what might goes wrong..


    can i ask what is that for (the last number (1)) in the formula?

    hello, can anybody help me, so i have two comboboxes in one userform and each of comboboxes are dependant. Currently, the first combobox (cmbCode) is typeable, has dropdown list and dependent with the stock box(txtstock) and name box (cmbname), but when i type in the second combobox (cmbName), second combobox is not typeable, has no dropdown list and not dependent with other boxes . I want to make second combobox is also typeable and dependent likewise the first combobox .Can you help me with the code? sampe file is attached below. Thankyou :)

    Hello, can anyone help me? so i've been trying to use VLOOKUP to return a value from a data table from another worksheet, BUT then VLOOKUP returns 0 and pick FIRST MATCH VALUE. I realized why it returns 0 because the source data table has zero/blank values and while VLOOKUP function only pick first match value, i guess (correct me if im wrong).So, what ive been confused about is, What function should i use to return LAST MATCH value from a data table from another worksheet ?

    here i attach sampe file

    i want to replace tht function. I have no idea what function am is supposed to use :( Any idea? Thanks in advance :)

    sorry for the lack of information. let me illustrate:

    . ........WS1................ . WS2
    ============ ============
    .. A ......B ....C. . . .A ......B ........C
    --------------------- ---------------------
    1 x ....100........ 8 ..z.... 700 ....FALSE
    2 y .....200. . ....9 ..r..... 600
    3 z ......300... . 10 .x.... 100 ....TRUE

    nb. 1-2-3-8-9-10 is a #cell

    i wonder if its using vlookup formula?