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    Dear Team,

    Please assist me in resolving the Subscript Out of range in Dynamic Range when Reclaiming Row .

    i just store first value and at second getting error.

                ReDim Preserve da(d, 4)


    Thank you, however this isn't really what I wanted.

    Output should be Name-A, Name-B, Name-C, and Name-D, and more work is being done on the code using this to produce numerous excel files with specified requirements.

    If you update the shared vba code, I will be overjoyed.

    Dear Team,

    I need your assistance to obtain the unique values with further names; an excel file with the outcome is also attached.


    Finally resolved- this is all I wanted.
    Thanks for your support

    I need some last advice on how to get the red font. If there are no matching records, "Not Found" should appear in red font.

    ClientMatch = "Not Found"

    ClientMatch.Interior.Color = vbRed

    SUB () has been created to get the data from sharedrive to a local excel file - and then the function executes the most recent/updated value

    I have to run SUB() each time for most recent/updated data-

    so I want that sub() should connect in that function ( with RS) so that it will directly link to sharedriver rather than local data

    Oh, I get your viewpoint here; since it has already been made, there is no need for a new one, right?

    Could you kindly connect that sub () here to the function? and complete it please??

    With rs

    Thanks very much

    Dear Rory,

    Sorry about that - could not well describe it

    In the next line, I intend to link the data of the recordset so that when I run the function or utilise it, it will execute with the most recent version straight from the server database.

    Set rs = newADODB.Recordset
    With rs ''Getting error here now

    Instead of utilising the sub "GetDataFromSource," I'd want to link it in the preceding line.

    #attached the file for your ref

    Mr. Rory,

    Thanks for your response.

    I had created a database sheet in the same file as "database" which is being used to run the function, and it was working fine, but instead of copying and pasting the data again and again, there is a real database saved on the server that is regularly updated, so I wanted to use that server data directly in the function so that each time will have the updated records.

    Here is the current backup code that I use to acquire the most recent and fresh data.

    Instead, I expected to have a direct access to the server's CSV file for the function.

    Thank you very much.

    Dear Team,

    I have a database file that has whole data @attached from that data I simply want an output for that I have discovered a match function that is presently functioning with the same activesheet to extract it but I want to utilise it from the saved database

    Please assist.


    Actually i want to delete rows which contain have specific (myown) value.

    since the data is huge more than 5 lac rows there is for loop taking too much time for that i am sorting first and then from that specific value till end i could delete entire row by selecting it in range ( Range( Find value : Last Row)

    here is the attachment for your reference.

    Hi Team,

    Request you to please suggest me how do i get this selection for delete entire row

    Firsfindvalue = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match("D*", Range("H2:H" & LastRow), 0) + 1
    LastRow = Activesheet.Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Row
    Activesheet.Range("A & Firsfindvalue:A" & LastRow).Select