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    What version of Excel?

    Can you just use a Forms control instead of an ActiveX control? ActiveX worksheet controls have always been a bit buggy...

    Correct me if I am wrong but I dont believe I can have the same capabilities with a form control. The list populates once you start typing a name with matching options and narrows the more you type the name, It also automatically brings up the drop down list instead of having to click the button.

    I have created a combobox with a dropdown list. Every time I click the drop down button the button gets larger and the text in the box gets larger as well until it too big to read or see. The box stays the same shape and size but the button will become so large that it fills the box completely. I have looked online and seen this is a common issue but cannot seem to find any solutions. My box contains a large number of selection items and I have set it up to narrow the options based on what the user types into the box.

    Is there a simple way to stop these issues?


    I would like to create an instance to play a wav sound effect for a couple of conditional formatting rules.

    1. I want to play a wav sound if a selected cell equals contains a specific value. ex: if C4 = Tacos then play wav sound effect

    2. I want to play a wav sound if a selected cell contains any value. ex: if C4 = any value then play wav sound effect.

    Thank you for any help.

    I have created a timer in excel. I would like it to beep every second under ten seconds. I have tried the follow method but the beep is happening every second instead of only playing under ten seconds.

    VBA module:
    Function BeepMe() As String
    BeepMe = ""
    End Function

    In Sheet2 Cell B2 I have my timer 12:01:30 AM formatted to display mm:ss

    in cell c2 I have this function =IF(B2<"12:00:10",BeepMe()."")

    Please advise how to only play the beep under 10 seconds.

    Thank you

    I tried using the code from the link you provided and it did not work for me. The code was not rejected but pressing the enter or tab key did not perform the desired function.

    Hello friends,

    I need a button that will allow me to change my selected cell in a sequenced order each time I click the button.

    For instance, I want to start on E4, click to move to E5, click to move to E6 and so on. After I get to E15, I need to move to F15 and start moving up one cell after each click. This sequence will continue up and down until I reach T15.

    Lastly, a separate button to move back to the previous cell would be nice.

    Thanks for you help in advance!