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    Hello all,

    I need to fill information into a word template or document from an excel document much like a form letter. The issue i'm having is that, unlike most form letters, I don't have a compiled data set in a single excel document. Each excel file is an individualized bidding form that compiles numbers and spits out bids for labor and materials. Rather than copying and pasting all of the data on each bid, I'd like those values (always in the same cell locations) to populate an associated word document from a template.

    There are also bits of language that commonly need to be included like "Contractor not responsible for delays due to inclement weather" and "All painting must be done above 45 degrees Fahrenheit". Not all of these need to be included on every job, so it would be nice to be able to select certain ones from the list and have them also populate into the word document automatically. I'm ok with checkboxes, radio buttons, or even changing individual cells from 0 to 1 to get this functionality.

    Any and all help is appreciated, Please let me know if i left out any information you need.


    Thanks again for all your help. I have some questions about the code that i hope you'll be able to help me with.

    Am i right that the following line limits the effective range of your code to columns A through G?

    If Intersect(Target, Sh.Columns("A:G")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

    If our workbook uses columns all the way to BZ, should i amend that code like this?

    If Intersect(Target, Sh.Columns("A:BZ")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

    Secondly, If I needed to add another worksheet "Bids" that is exempted from the code, should i just add the line below in the appropriate place in the code?

    If Sh.Name = "Bids" Then Exit Sub

    I see that sheet "POs" is mentioned in another block of code too, but i don't know how to amend it appropriately...

    If Sh.Name <> "POs" OR "Bids" Then

    I'm sure that's not right.

    oh, and another issue, when something is deleted on a source sheet, it does not delete on the summary sheet. specifically a cell, I haven't checked a whole row...

    for instance, if I put a date of NTP of 9/18 on a job for john, it copies to the summary sheet as it should, but if I then blank that date on john's jobs sheet, the date does not blank on the summary sheet.

    Awesome! I really appreciate your help. That all works great. The formatting errors are fixed too. thanks.

    One last, i hope, request for this job. It has been determined that in addition to "John's Jobs" and "Eric's Jobs" there will also be a "POs" worksheet in this workbook. (don't ask me why it can't be in a different book) Is there a line of code that can exclude the "POs" sheet from being synced to the overview sheet?

    OK, well...

    Some more testing revealed some interesting buggy action. An entry on the "All jobs" worksheet caused the "All jobs" worksheet to be blanked. Data was kept in the other two worksheets. Entering new data on either of the other two worksheets reactivated your code and caused data from those sheets to be copied onto the "All jobs" sheet again, but formatting was very weird some really tall rows with text at the bottom and lots of whitespace...

    We shouldn't need the "All jobs" tab to be a place where data can be entered, but if someone using the workbook forgets which sheet they're on, I'd like it to not come back to me with a panicked "all the data disappeared" ticket.

    What would really be ideal is if data is entered on a row on the "All jobs" tab, if that data was then synced to the appropriate worksheet (either eric's or john's jobs sheets). I realize that might actually be asking a lot.

    Thanks again for all your help.

    Hello everyone. I've got two separate worksheets "eric's jobs" and "john's jobs" that have identical columns "date awarded", "invoice number", "date work started" etc... New data is added to rows as work proceeds, and new rows are added at the bottom of each of these worksheets as new jobs are obtained. I want to have both of these worksheets combined into a master "all jobs" sheet as new stuff is added. I don't want to have to run a new combine command, but rather want stuff to automatically update.

    I've looked into it a bit and found older examples that might work, but not sure whether they are still valid.…-summary-master-worksheet…worksheets-into-one-sheet

    It looks like the second link above is more in line with what i need, but it's over 10 years old. Before i put a bunch of effort in adding this to my workbook, will it still work?

    Thanks for your help.