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    I would like to bring to your notice i am receiving an error msg as files missing even though the files exists at the source. I am trying to move certain no of files (say 100) from a source folder to multiple folders and its sub folders. Is there any other methods that works?

    Sample workbook and error msg for a similar try attached for reference.
    Col. A is the file names for copying
    Col. B is the folder names for transfer
    Col. C source path
    Col. D destination path

    New [INDENT]I have three ranges (B1:D6) filled with numbers. I would like to pick at least 3 numbers randomly without repetition from the given ranges into the cells F3:F5. This has to be based on the category of the ranges given in cells (E3:E5) viz., Hard, Easy, Moderate. The cells F3, F4 & F5 should be populated with minimum of 3 values from the desired range respectively.

    A B C D E F
    1 Hard Easy Moderate
    2 1 2 11
    3 3 4 13 Hard 1, 8, 3
    4 6 5 14 Easy 2, 10, 5
    5 8 7 19 Moderate 13, 19, 11
    6 9 10 21

    How can I achieve this? Pl help.[/INDENT]