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    Thank you Mumps, sorry for the delay. I have attached a file showing the PO register and the PO itself. I know I could set up vlookups to bring the data in (I don't know if this works on text as well as figures). I think that both files need to be open for that to work though? I want to be able to type the PO number into the PO and it bring all the data in such as qty, unit amount, description, date, code, authoriser etc and for the information to stay there so the PO can be saved as a static file to be sent out. I hope I've explained this ok.

    Hi everyone

    Hopefully I have created this thread in the correct place. I would like to set up a purchase order where you complete the PO number and it pulls all data into each section of the PO from a PO register. I know I could do this with a vlookup for figures but thought there would be a better way to do this as it needs to bring in descriptions as well. I also do not want people to be able to amend anything (as this info should all come from the register).

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks very much in advance

    Interesting, that seems to be working this morning but bizarrely my number lock goes off every time i use the sheet now. I'm not sure whether that's just coincidence though! Thanks so much for your help Carim :)

    Clicking into cells doesn't seem to make it start working any it's not even remotely sophisticated!!! Just password protected and ability to format etc removed!

    Hi Carim

    When you say select a cell, do you mean by clicking in it with the mouse? I wonder if the other protections I have on the sheet is causing it to be difficult.

    Closing code works a treat - thank you so much!

    Agreed - don't tell me if it's too complicated!!!!
    Sorry I meant, is there a way to get the message on the open sub to actually show upon closing the spreadsheet instead of when opening it.

    Do you have a delay on the scrollable list as well? It's very strange, I have to leave the spreadsheet open for about 2 minutes and then it starts working, perhaps my pc just can't cope with it!!!!!

    Thanks for all your help Carim

    This is so bizarre, it's now working suddenly. This is what happened with the test, i thought it wasn't working then a few minutes later it did. How very odd. Should I make a new post about the open sub question and the alphabet thing? Thanks very much

    Hmmm pasted those all in to the actual spreadsheet I'm working on but it doesn't seem to work. Is there anything I need to change if it's going into a different spreadsheet? I can't see any specific cell or sheet references or anything. Sorry for all the confusion, I'm really terrible at explaining things. I'm guessing there is no easy way to add the alphabet thing in, I don't want to do anything too complicated as I want to be able to understand it.

    Sorry I'm being a massive pain. So I've seen there is code in the worksheet. I already have a little bit of code in the worksheet that I'm working on:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    MsgBox "Form must be fully completed"
    End Sub

    how do i make sure this code still runs as well, do I just paste one after the other?

    Also, maybe i need to make a new post but the above code makes a box display when opening the file, really i want it to show when the form is closed down instead but I couldnt figure out how to do that.

    Thanks again

    Sorry Carim, I'm an idiot! I see now that the scroll thing is working - is it possible to tell me how you've done it as i like to understand. Also is the typing the letter thing possible?

    Thanks very much

    Morning Carim!

    As normal i think I've not explained myself very well! I'm looking to be able to search the drop down either by clicking to open it then type a letter to jump to that section of the choices in the dropdown or to be able to scroll up and down the list using the mousewheel (but without hovering over the up and down bar).

    These things might not even be possible?


    Hi everyone

    Sorry to be here asking another question. I have set up lists using data validation so that i can pick from a drop down, is there any way to make these lists scrollable (using the mouse wheel) or so you can type a letter to find something alphabetically rather than having to use the arrow on the list to scroll all the way up and down?

    Thanks very much