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    So, I have been doing some more tinkering, trying different codes (without really knowing what I am doing), and now I have got it to try and process something, but nothing changes.

    The code I have is a slight variation on the one provided by graha_kayra above, but as follows:

    I have tried to define just one sheet for it to change, and limited the range to just that specific cell....the macro seems to run, but does not change anything.

    I have attached a screen shot of the cell that I am testing against, and the tab which should hide when the status is false...but as you can probably guess, zero success at the moment! (I am trying to teach myself all I can via various websites, and so far I have learnt how to change the colour of a box....)


    Many thanks in advance for any help

    So does the

    Set rngSheets = .Range("D9", .Range("D9").End(xlDown))

    define where the VBA code starts in reference point for the True/False statement, then the

    ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(rngSht.Value).Visible = (rngSht.Offset(0, 1).Value = "TRUE")

    offsets the cell it looks from? I ideally need the code to identify if the cell states True or False, then hide a batch of worksheets if the status is False. Kind Regards Mat

    Hi all,

    New (and exasperated) VBA user here. I have browsed the forum trying to cannibalize VBA code to achieve my goal, but I think I will finally have to admit defeat.

    I am trying to hide subsequent named sheets based on the true/false status on sheet 1 for various products (for example, cell D9 with a "FALSE" status would hide from sheet "ZAPEX ZW KK ZWN" to sheet "ZAPEX ZW KK ZWS_ZBR_ZWB_ZWBT MP",) but to be quite frank, I am struggling to get it to hide even just 1 sheet. The code I originally tried was as follows:

    Now I admit I know I have done something wrong (as it doesn't work), but for the life of me I am not sure what it is!

    Could someone please just provide me with some pointers so I can start pushing ahead?

    Many thanks in advance for any guidance!