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    Hello everyone good day. I am asking for your idea on how to do this or is this possible? I have 1 textbox and 1 combobox. This is a job order entry where On my textbox is the employee name and for the combobox is the joborder entry. So heres my problem, i want that for this particular employee i will have to choose at the combo box the job orders he do everyday (exclusive only for this employee) because i have 50 job orders so i dont want to put it all in the combobox i Only want the job orders he usually do and if the job order is not available i can add it directly at runtime in the combo box. Can somebody help me on this? Would this be possible? Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

    Thank you so much Sir Kenneth for the appreciation.. :)

    yes i do have a logout column and a column for my total no of hours worked. ok i will try to do what you suggested sir to the best of me..hahaha i will just get back to you if my powers cant contain it..:thanx:
    Thank you so much for giving me your inputs..

    Hello all and everyone..good day! i am humbly asking for your help regarding my project is all abot punch in and out..i have a listbox in my userform and i want to populate it based on todays log ins and log for example if i log in it will list on the listbox and then by the end of the day when i log out it will put the corresponding log out time and total number of hours work in the listbox.. i really have a hard time deciphering how to i can only display the login time but whenever the form closes it will empty the listbox all i want is to list all the todays employess just for today be listed even if they are not logged out still..i am sending screen shots just so i am understood.. i can send the file if you want further reference.Thank you..

    Good Day Experts,

    i really had a hard time deciphering whats wrong with this code: my txtrecno.value = 2 in cell B2 but the if statement will still skip my procedure..please help..thank you :dead:

    Oh Im so sorry im a newbie here. Does this mean i will enclosed my entire codes to



    Well, anyway I reviewed my codes and i think i need to check on the dates. But i dont seem to find the correct codes to compare the date of the previous log in. If it is already log out and its for the next day then he should be able to log in again

    by the way i forgot to paste my codes... :D :D

    Hello Everyone..i have some problem re: my codes..this is for my log-in log-out trap.. everything is ok except that when i log in on the next day i cant seem to log in it says i am already log-in. Please help me modify this one so that i can log in again on the next day. thank you..i am pasting my codes please help me modify this one and make it shorter if it may :) thank you all experts!

    this is About Calculate total hours worked ..Hello good day everyone...Please help me.. i am using some codes here shared by some experts as to reference of my ongoing project but i am stuck with this error type mismatch every time i will compute the total no of hours.. i believed this has something to do with the system clock when i go beyond 12 midnight. is it right? like for example i will log in today at 7:00 am and log out the next day?? please, please somebody help me im stuck i need to have a correct number of hours to this.. thank you. kindly check attached file for reference..forever grateful to all