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    You're welcome.

    The reason for the error is that your Table allows for only up to 4 duplicates, add 3 columns to you table, "price-5", "from qty5" & "to qty5".

    Also the formatting for "price-5" needs to be added to the code

    Amended code

    Try this

    Change the code to

    Try this.

    First delete all the conditional formatting rules that color the rows.

    Note this code is placed in the "Players" sheet object module and replaces your existing code there, you can delete the code you had in Module 1

    The players will be colored and grouped whenever one of the option buttons is selected.

    Try changing the code to this

    Try this. It will add a new sheet to your workbook, name the new sheet "Extracted Data" and place the extracted data there.

    Try the attached. Click the button on sheet 1

    Assumes that your list is in Column A and Row 1 is a header row.

    Since the words in italics are the scientific name there should always be 2 words (or an initial then a word). The common name can be any number of words.

    The code will also remove any superfluous spaces.

    Code assigned to the button.

    Try this instead. You can add a call to this macro at the end of your Refresh code so that highlighting of duplicates is updated after a refresh.