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    [USER="31712"]Carim[/USER] , did you delete your post?
    I had the Indirect formula saved on my desktop and have missplaced the text document. lol came back here and seems either I was crazy and it never exhisted or your post are deleted?

    Hey guys,

    Was hoping someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong.
    I have a Timer that relocks a spreadsheet after so long of being unlocked I've been thinking about adding a userform to have 3 different time options to vary the time the sheet should be unlocked
    my attempt is below

    Thanks for the help / suggestions!

    Sub timer()
    Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:01"))
    Application.OnTime Now() + UserForm1.ListBox1.Value, "fullscreen"
    End Sub

    I've not had any luck with this, I thought I was making progress before the holidays but the code change I made to select the cell that changed after the enter key was pressed caused excel to have a fatal error and close

    Thank you, I’ll play around with that and see if I can get it! I feel like I’ve tried something like that before and I kept getting an error “object required” but I’m not 100% sure it’s been a bit since I tried tackling this again

    hey all,

    I'm learning VBA and I've been at it a couple of weeks. I've managed to make this monstrosity of a code somewhat work for me.

    If a employee types their initials into column R and presses enter. that row will change to calibrated and it will get copied to a log from Column N:S
    The problem I have is my coding skills aren't upto par, not everyone presses enter when they type their initals, some press tab or click off the cell so my reference to ActiveCell.Row is the weak link in the chain

    Any help or guidance would be apperciated!

    Yeah thanks for the tip, I did notice right away it took a big impact on performance, wasn't sure why! I changed the range to 1-9000, shouldnt break that before the end of the year.
    Thank you for explaining that!
    I'm not sure how to set this thread to solved if yall do that here?


    I have two instances of excel open running 2010 version.
    two workbooks that almost never close, one a sign in log, and the other a status board.

    I setup the status board today to reference the log but the refresh on the status board doesnt update the values of the cells.

    A lot of the trouble I believe is because of the two different instances of excel. The links in the cells automatically change from [Sign-In-Log 2018.xlsm] to C:\Users\MPH\Desktop\[Sign-In-Log 2018.xlsm]
    if I click on the data tab in the ribbon, select edit links and click update values, everything updates and looks good.
    I don't trust my coworkers enough to do that without breaking something so the excel sheet is usually forced to full screen for display only purposes.

    The different excel instances are for dual monitor purposes.

    Thank you for any help!

    Wow, I'm amazed at how fast you solved this
    You're amazing thank you!

    can you breakdown how this is finding the row number

    I hope I can change the C1:C33 to C:C and D1:D33 to D:D, the data tab is sitting around 6000 enteries right now

    Hey all,

    First time posting here, I've ran into a limitation I can't seem to figure out and I'm hoping someone can help me!

    I have a tab "data" Im trying to look up information from the bottom up, which I have succesfully accomplished with


    Problem is when a employee enters results we always have two inputs results 1 and results 2 in rows on the data tab and the formula hits the employee number in C:C and Pulls the results from 2 in I:I

    I feel like the soultion involves a lookup inside of a lookup?
    I've attached a spreadsheet example I probably didn't do the best to describe the problem.

    Thank you for any help!