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    I have a new question for you. Is there any way, in your example, to add to the macro that changing cell A1 to a value OTHER than "run" will cause another action to take place (for example, return a default text value or clear the cell). I'm not sure how to trigger that... perhaps an "else" type line?

    I'm obviously not the best VBA guy, but I'm learning! :wink2:

    Yes, you're one cell over your limit (no more than 30 in a "sum" function).

    =SUM(E1,E2,E3,E4,E5,E6,E7,E8,E9,E10,E11,E12,E13,E14,E15,E16,E17,E18,E19,E20,E21,E22,E23,E24,E25,E26,E27,E28,E29,E30,E31) does not work.

    =E1+E2+E3+E4+E5+E6+E7+E8+E9+E10+E11+E12+E13+E14+E15+E16+E17+E18+E19+E20+E21+E22+E23+E24+E25+E26+E27+E28+E29+E30+E31 DOES work.

    That's beautiful! Thanks much - it's exactly what I was looking for. I've not yet implemented it on my worksheet (it's at work and I'm at home), but this looks perfect.

    And my local "gurus" said it couldn't be done! :spin:

    Cell A1 can have any value.

    Cell B1 has data validation in place, and thus can only have four values.

    If I type "run" in cell A1, I want the value in cell B1 to change from "Slow" to "Fast."

    The kicker is this: Cell B1 cannot be a formula like =IF(A1="run","fast","slow"). It needs to be the text string "fast" or "slow" or any of the other values in its data validation table.

    I've seen a spreadsheet that populated values based on another cell's entry without a formula, but the spreadsheet has a password on it and I cannot figure out how it was done (see attachment).

    I'm curious if this can be done with a macro... I've successfully written a macro that will change the value in cell B1, but is there a way to cause a value to run only if the value in cell A1 is changed to a specific text value?

    Thanks much! :)

    I can't see your image, so I can't really speak to the formula (I got a bit lost in your description, sorry).

    However, formatting is not too tough.


    Format > Conditional Formatting...

    You can add up to three conditional formats, but you only need two:

    Cell Value Is less than 0 (select red text)
    Cell Value Is greater than 0 (select green text)

    (you could actually do it in one step, make the default color green and only have it change color if less than zero)