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    I am trying to create a chart using this formula for the X-Axis section of the SERIES formula:

    • Column C on my worksheet contains the week's worth of X-axis points
    • $J$2 contains the row number of the first X-value for this particular chart (it's one of 8 to be drawn from the same data)
    • $K$2 contains the number of rows to include in this particular chart's X-Axis

    If I enter this formula into a cell, it will evaluate to a 1-row array with the correct values.
    If I use this function in a SERIES function, I get an error message that says: "that function is not valid."

    I would really appreciate it if someone could explain why my formula isn't working, and how to correct it.

    I went back to some earlier projects where I'd successfully used an OFFSET function to define the X-Axis. I noticed that none of them used a formula for the first parameter of OFFSET, and none included an INDIRECT function or an ADDRESS function. Could one of these 3 differences explain things?

    Thanks for your help!