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    Hi RoyUK,

    Because I need to calculate the capacity for each day. For example, Item1AA, line 21 can product 650pcs on 8-Oct, line 32 can product 550pcs on 8-Oct => the total capacity of that day is 650+550=1200pcs. And I dont know how to calculate without separate rows

    Hi RoyUK,

    Sorry for wrong calculation because of manually update. Your formula worked perfectly, however I also wish the data can break into 5 rows if the fty products in 5 days (same as the format from col I to col O). Thank you in advance.

    Hi, [FONT="Calibri"]This macro help to extract columns which is marked by “x” letter on row 1 but it’s only copy the data without format. How can I change the code to keep the format from OUT_COMBINED sheet after extracting data to EXPORT sheet? Pls help me with this matter, Thank you.


    Hi, I want to ask you one more thing about this code. If I have many Data sheets to fill in, how can I add all charts into this code. Thank you in advance.

    Set srcWS = Workbooks("Data.xlsx").Sheets("Sheet1")

    Ex: DTC – SUMMARY CHART => get data from DTC – UPDATE
    PFE– SUMMARY CHART => get data from PFE – UPDATE
    CTT – SUMMARY CHART => get data from CTT – UPDATE
    …. More than 10 charts like this.

    Hi KjBox,

    I test on row 9. Firstly, I remove P and Rev in col I and Y and col QRST nofill. Secondly, I input P in col I then col QRST turn green => OK. Third, I input "rev" in col Y, col QRST nofill =>it's should be yellow. Fouth, I remove P in col I then col QRST nofill => OK. Finally, I remove "rev" in col Y then col QRST turn green => it's should be nofill. It's my step to test.

    Hi KjBox,

    2) If col(I)=P and col(Y) start with “Rev*” or “REV*” then color col Q,R,S,T into yellow. For this condition, if I input col(I) then col(Y) => it run very well, however, if I input col(Y) first and then col(I) => it's no fill instead of highlight yellow. Would you have any solution for this issue ?

    Hi everyone,
    Pls help me fix this code below. I want to highlight cells with conditions as follow list

    • If col(I)=P then color col Q,R,S,T into green
    • If col(I)=P and col(Y) start with “Rev*” or “REV*” then color col Q,R,S,T into yellow
    • If remove value in col(Y) then col Q,R,S,T into green back
    • If remove value in col(I) then col Q,R,S,T nofill

    Thanks for you help.

    Hi Mumps,

    I use macro to add fomular into col T,U,V,X,Y,AC and AD, but the data of sheet Fr orders is too much, so that my code didn’t run well. I vlookup data from Data Wb (Outstanding sheet) into FR orders, and compare have any duplicate with sheet Fabship and Trimship. Pls see the attached file. Thanks for your generous help.

    Hi Mumps, Thanks for your generous help. The macro run very well, but could you please explain to me which lines of the code to get the data from (col L,M,N) of Data Wb and paste into (col K,L,M) of SHIPVIET? And how can it paste exactly to col K,L,M in SHIPVIET Wb? And if the col in SHIPVIET Wb and Data Wb arenot continously, could you give me some solutions ? I’m very new to VBA, hope that you can help me in this matter. Thanks again,Mumps.