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    Hi, i am new to marco. i need to some help that can make the file prompt up message (when saving the file), lets say cell E10 the total is less than 100.

    I tried many online sample but it does not prompt.

    i tried following sample online but nothing prompt

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    If Range("E10").Value > 100 Then
    MsgBox "Try again total is not 100"
    End If
    End Sub

    Thank you in advance!!

    now selection in C5 will create all the IDs but all the ID is the same..
    sorry that i did not make my question clear.
    I hope it will be once click generate or select the drop down list, all ID will be created and the ID in workload tab C5 will be the same as the file name.
    Meaning for file AAA_11109, the workload tab c5 is AAA_11109. file AAA_11121, the workload tab c5 is AAA_11121.
    the new code worksheet_change macro works fine but the cell C5 is not the same as file name :(

    Is that possible?

    Hi Mumps,

    May i know do i still need to assign the generate code? im not sure if my understanding is correct. i tried the first code you gave me and it works by creating the new files. so i insert the code you said in workload tab..i selected the first ID in workload tab and click generate, it create the files but all the files have the same ID in workload tab... if i remove the generate code "the first code you provided" i have an error saying "compile error: Argument not optional" and it highlight Intersect.

    Hi Mumps!

    OMG you are amazing!! the code works.Thank you so much.
    Can i know is it possible for it create the new files at the same time it will auto choose ID no in workload tab?
    means the file it created worksheet-AAA_11109, the workload tab ID cell c5 will show AAA)11109?

    Thank you so much!!

    Hi Mumps!

    Thank you so much!
    Attached file name sample..i insert a button (generate) in project list tab beside the button refresh. which i wish that once i press generate it will go through the drop down list in workload tab cell C5 and save each file in c drive document. Each new save file contain the same tab as this sample file, just that the C5 cell has already been chose. file name to be as worksheet_AAA11109, which worksheet- is standard, behind AAA11109 is based on their ID in C5

    please see sample worksheet-AAA11109.
    * the reason behind is because each ID has been assigned different project.

    Hope i did not confuse you


    i have a drop-down list (Cell C5) in Tab name Worksheet.
    The drop down list contain a list of ID
    is there any code that can make excel auto run through the drop down list, select each of the ID and auto save it as a new file in a specific folder (file name i have a specific name etc: worksheet_(the ID number selected in the drop down list)?
    I am very very new to macro and only know how to use record.
    Please help and thank you in advance!