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    I don't know if you found a solution. Here what I have used,

    Logit Thanks for your assistance. I did a variation of your code. I placed it after the application speak. I needed to do 2 things; 1) find the next empty cell; 2) move to the right. I hope the posted code helps others in the future. Here is the code:

    I have a split screen worksheet that goes to the first empty cell when open. Here is the code when the sheet is activated:

    Option Explicit
    Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
    ' As long As Split Mode is already on
    End Sub

    I also have code that moves the code to the right, however when it runs the curser goes up 1 to the right (after change), instead of moving right in the same row.. What am I doing wrong? Here is the code to move the curser:

    Solved. Sorry to bother you. Here is a sample of how I used the code. I hope other people can benefit from my post.

    I currently have msg boxes that have static titles. I have had situations where I have used the same message box in a similar application, but forgotten to change the title. I am trying to have the system add both the work book & sheet name to the title. Currently I use a version of this static title vbInformation,
    "Vocational Services - Career Link
    . Is there a way to add ActiveWorkbook.Name &
    ActiveSheet.Name to the title, so I don't keep making dumb mistakes .

    royUK I moved the code below to a module & hade Call code saying Call D0_Carryover. I was thinking this would resolve the problem. It let the other code to run, but it did not run. Is there something I am missing, or do you have to do changes on the worksheet?


    What error messages are you getting? The only error message I get is Type mismatch on Target.Value = CDec(vCopy) I commented out what code causes the error in the sample. There are no other error messages. When I tested the code to prevent unauthorized word entry; date deletion in cell F19, or any other cell that is VBA protected to prevent deletion/modification (N4, etc.) The code for those areas just do not work ( I am able to delete). When I comment out the problem code to allow these area to run, there is no problem. When I don't comment out these areas, I have problems.

    There seems to be a macro called Normal missing that causes an error for me. - Delete that It calls another batch of code that is in the live file.

    Also, your Calendar Form must use a DatePicker control or similar because it is missing for me. - Delete that also, the other parts of the code are in ThisWorkbook.

    I have some code that runs well but when added to the other code it causes problems. Some of the issues are preventing other batches of code from running, & type mismatch. I have commented out in the sample, the problem codes. The worksheet has Option Explicit as the first line of code, & the problem code is begins with Private Sub Worksheet_Change (ByVal Target As Range). The code below does not run when the problem codes are not commented out. This line of code does not run at all, Prevents Unauthorized word entry.