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    Re: Extracting Certain lines from a text file into Excel

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    Re: Converting this excel formula into a vba code

    How about query?

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    Re: forecasting sheet - macro required

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    Re: Creating new option buttons with different functionalities

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    For me this works.

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    Re: Excel 2003 - Bubble Chart and Adding Horizontal or Vertical Lines

    Hi lunchbox83,
    If right click after click twice for point of series1,you can format that point.
    or with macro,

    Here's color number
    1 Black
    53 Brown
    52 Olive Green
    51 Dark Green
    49 Dark Teal
    11 Dark Blue
    55 Indigo
    56 Gray-80%
    9 Dark Red
    46 Orange
    12 Dark Yellow
    10 Green
    14 Teal
    5 Blue
    47 Blue-Gray
    16 Gray-50%
    3 Red
    45 Light Orange
    43 Lime
    50 Sea Green
    42 Aqua
    41 Light Blue
    13 Violet
    48 Gray-40%
    7 Pink
    44 Gold
    6 Yellow
    4 Bright Green
    8 Turqoise
    33 Sky Blue
    54 Plum
    15 Gray-25%
    38 Rose
    40 Tan
    36 Light Yellow
    35 Light Green
    34 Light Turqoise
    37 Pale Blue
    39 Lavendar
    2 White

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    Re: Userform Textbox to Update Named Range in Spreadsheet

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    For named range :
    Define "RowCount" for each column?

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    Re: encrypt and decrypt digits help!!

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    Re: Compare column of two worksheets and replace values

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