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    I noticed that result wasn't quite what I wanted after all... It gives wrong outcome because Dataset is not same as Type. Dataset changes every time when usedD is changed or modified. Type is used on second sheet to reorganize this data, and each row can contain only that data which is connected to type number (Type1 includes Ddate and Reason, Type 2 includes usedD1+usedD2+usedD3 (these three should also be in a same cell) and endDate, Type 3 includes Other). I tried but didn't mmanage to organize these events by id and type.

    This is an old one but I never got it solved so maybe someone knows the solution, it would be useful again... Every id on sheet1 has one or more datasets and these datasets consist information that belong to a certain type (on sheet2). These types are: Type1= Ddate, Reason. Type2=usedD1, usedD2, usedD3, endDate, Type3=Other.
    This information on sheet1 should be extracted to sheet2 according to these types, so data originally in one row could be splitted on multiple different rows on sheet2.
    Hopefully this attachement is clear enough. There is one sheet, on top is shortened version of sheet1 (original) and below is sheet2 (what it should look like at the end):