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    Dear Team,

    I need code for edit the existing data filtering by dropdown and save it again on the same .

    I am having four sheets ( Inward_New, Inward_Edit, Inward_View & Inward_print).

    I am entering all the data on sheet "Inward_New". After entered all the data's if select the Save button it will save all the details to sheet "Inward_View" then convert & save pdf file to folder through sheet "Inward_print'.

    In sheet "Inward_Edit" if I select the JOB No from Cell "D7" (dropdown), it should display all the fields as per the JOB No which is available on the sheet "Inward_View".

    After I edit the required field once I click the "Update and Save" button, it should over write the data in sheet "Inward_View" and save to pdf file also and all the files should go to blank except JOB No.

    I am not getting any idea how to do this. Can any one please help me how t do this.

    The same was posted on…ve-the-existing-data.html

    Till now not received any reply . So any one please help me how t do this.

    I am attaching my file here for your reference.

    Dear Roy,

    I modified the code as per your instruction.

    Now it is working


    I tried this code

    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Inward")
    ws.Range("D7").Value = "JOB-" & ws.Range("D5").Value & "-" & Format(Date, "yyyy") & "-" & Format(ws.Range("D7").Value + 1, "0000")
    End Sub

    But it is not working

    Dear Team,

    I want to generate Reference no automatically while opening the sheet from command buttion.

    Let me explain.

    I am having command button on Sheet "Inward Master" for opening Sheet "Inward".

    In sheet "Inward" cell "D7" Job no is there. Once i opened the sheet the Job no should update automatically next no of previously updated no.

    And in sheet "Inward_View" values to be display on userform listbox with filtering by selecting JOB No, Customer Name, or Inward Date.

    Can any one please help me how to do this.

    I am attaching my file here for your reference

    Dear Roy,

    It is not working properly. The user form is not updating automatically.

    When I select drop down it is displaying only one time. If i add any new values it is not displaying.

    And the branch name should create only one time. If i edit anything on the branch it should update on the same row where it is created already.

    Dear Team,

    I had created excel work for update details. In these i am having two problems.

    Problem 1:

    This work book is Login protected while opening. Un & Pw is admin. Once opened by default Sheet "Main Menu" should open.

    Problem 2:

    Main Menu --> Service Center Master --> Add Service Center Details --> "Scent2_mstr" user form will open.

    In this user form once i saved details,

    If i select branch name all the details should display on the user form

    I want to delete the details by selecting the branch name of that particular branch row.

    I am attaching my file here for reference.

    Please help me to solve this issue

    Dear Team,

    I am using this bellow code for sending email through excel.

    Now my code is open temp folder directly. But f i want to open ( Environ("USERPROFILE") & "\Desktop\Schwing product catalogue\" ) and from this folder the PDF file only to be attached by selecting manually file name. Other file format are not attach on my mail

    Can any one help me how to do this

    Dear Team,

    I am having code for send email with all the email address on the column I

    My code is

    I am having email Id column "I". when i run this code it will trigger n number of emails as per the email address available on column "I".

    My condition is when i run this command only one mail should trigger and all the email address in column "I" should go to BCC.

    And I want print "Mail Sent on " & Date" on column "J" for that particular mail ID.

    For example ,

    the mail triggered for "I4". So the "Mail Sent on " & Date" should print on "J4".

    If the mail is triggered for "I6, I7 & I10". Then "Mail Sent on " & Date" should Print for "J6, J7 & J10".

    i am attaching my sample file here for your reference.

    Can any one help me to solve this.

    Dear Roy,

    When i check your code i am getting "Invalid Procedure Call or Argument" message and once i select the Debug it is highlighting bellow code

            Worksheets(mySheet).Range("B2:F24").ExportAsFixedFormat _
            Type:=xlTypePDF, _
            FileName:=FileFullPath, _
            Quality:=xlQualityStandard, _
            IncludeDocProperties:=True, _
            IgnorePrintAreas:=False, _

    Can you please check and clear the error