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    I hope you are all well. I have a number of Countifs in a spreadsheet to count how many people on a waiting list will have been waiting over 12 weeks each month over many months, with each column being a month, and each row the number of weeks a person has been waiting, in descending order e.g. Countif(A2:A5000,">12"). I need to look at the impact of increasing activity. So for example if we saw an extra 50 people the Countif would start at row 52 the following month/column instead of row 2. I need to look at various scenarios which would be a huge manual task to keep amending all the Countifs. I wondered of it is it possible to vary the "2" in A2 using a value inputted into a cell, rather than changing it manually in each Countif? e.g. Countif(A plus 'value in cell A1':A5000,">12").

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    Hi. In a worksheet ("SPCchartsdata") I have about a hundred tables that are used to produce charts. At the moment I am manually dragging the "Month" value from the last row in each table down to the row below in order to create a new row for the latest month. The dragging makes all the other columns automatically update. The first table "Table1" covers columns A to H. using Table1 as an example, is there a way you can show me how to automate the creation of the new row with a Macro please? Column B contains the month values. Many thanks for your help, Pete.