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    It's been a while, I know, I know, been working on stuff.
    Music merge is used to merge separate Folders of Music Files. Created as sort of a side project just to see if I could do it.

    Who needs it?
    -People who use multiple machines to rip cds
    -People who merge music archives together

    -Music must be organized in following structure:
    Master Folder Containing->Artist Name Folder->Album Name Folder->Individual files reside in album folder name


    Select 2 directories with similiar structure
    C:\Music Archive
    -------------- Van Halen

    How it works
    1) Computer A has your master archive of music. You have ripped CDs to the archive.
    2) Computer B is your slave machine that you are using to rip more of your CD collection. Or lets say you are ripping cds on both machines, rips on Computer A go directly to archive, computer B rips need to be merged.

    Operating It:
    It's simple run the program, select 2 master folders which contain artist folders, and hit mergo.

    Download here:…ibrary/DOWNLOAD/MM2_0.xls

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    Quick snippet to cycle through all charts on activesheet and perform some formatting to them. In this case I am formatting the title.

    Dynamically Sourced Range Pivot Tables with Excel VBA.
    A common problem with automating pivot tables is how to make the VBA generic so that when the number of rows or columns changes that the code sitll works. In this example it shows how to make a pivot table no matter how many rows or colums there are and also how to place this pivot table in a specific destination. Enjoy.

    download sample book Notation Part2 - Excel VBA Dynamic Pivot Tables with dynamically sized data sources.xls

    Sure to be a hit. Code will highlight and bold user defined text strings within cell text strings. Very nice code which can be implemented into text type macros and tools. Macro can easily be modified to perform as a function subroutine. To use it, simply set up values for range to search in (Yes, it can be a 3d range spanning multiple columns and rows). Set up your array of words to search for. I have attached a simple workbook with working example as well as included code posting. Enjoy. VBA Color and Bold Text within Text String.xls

    Re: Profont For Windows

    Argghh. I downloaded the files. Everytime I try to install the font, system says files is in use, can't do it? Any suggestions. I tried the whole control panel, font, file install new font. Any suggestions?

    Nice little subroutine that I use on many of my forms. Will automatically change font size, font family, and form zoom to desired parameters.
    Simply call from you user form initialize sub.

    *Force all controls on form to have same font size and font family for a consistent look
    *Change form zoom to ensure better usability controls for end user.

    Download here


    Simple progress meter using windows progress meter object.
    Easy to implement into your form based project or use as a standalone form to macro. Idea of this was to give a clear, heavily commented version for newbie type coders.
    Simply copy the meter to your project with copy and paste, or add it to your toolbar by dragging the object from the form to your toolbar.

    Download here
    Non Complicated Vba Progress Meter


    Heres the situation.

    I have 2 forms. Form1 and Form2. I load Form1 to display. A button on Form1 calls Form2 to display. After I hit Cancel-Unload on Form2 it doesn't dissapear. How do I get rid of the residual image of pesky Form2 after I unload it and only display Form1 WITHOUT having to reload Form1 after Form1 calls Form2

    In English
    Form1 Displays
    Form1 call Form2 to display
    Form2 is unloaded by hitting a button on Form2
    Form2 is unloaded, however, it's image still displays!!!

    Need some way to force screen to refresh without having to unload Form1!


    Excel VBA Form template to perform repetitive action to files in a folder. Use as a starting point and add your own code to main inner loop. Can be used for a variety of things, like a file parser, or whatever you come up with. Saves time of creating outer shell, and you can focus on inner parsing code.

    Dual progress meters
    Browse Button
    Button to output loaded list of files to Excel

    [Blocked Image:…ry/DOWNLOAD/FileShell.JPG]

    Download here…y/DOWNLOAD/downloads.aspx