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    The way the from should work Numbers are entered every hour into the from by different users.

    Example one user will enter numbers at 12am, (0000Hours) and then log off. The next user will enter his or her numbers at 1am, (0100hours) then him or her will also log off. We also have some user that like to enter there numbers in the wrong time slot which is fine as long as they are the correct numbers. The Process of entering number and logging off is a 24 hours process that ends at 11pm(2300hours) daily. Here is the trick it all must appear on the worksheet under one Date and in one Row. at the end of lets say a week, all user numbers entered should have the date that they were enter by row, Even if the user picked the wrong time slot. All numbers enter are done on the From. I am the only on with access to the worksheet. :) :thumbup: .

    The New Code you sent me Thank You again. I really appreciate you for trying to help me with this. :thumbup: :)

    Maybe what i am asking for is not possible. when the Form unloads and then it's reloaded to enter a new set of numbers they are showing up in a different row and it all needs to be on the same row for the date in question. I 'am attaching the Database sheet with the code you provided so you can see what i am talking about. :thumbup: :thumbup: :)

    Book 3.xlsm

    The Following is an image one using the VBA code provided. The second image is what is needed.

    this was inputted into the worksheet directly or manually might be a better word to use. As you can see in both images every Column has a Header with the times for every lot , Military time is used, starting with 0000ABC to 0000LotF this is repeated every hour. The next hour of course would be 0100ABC to 0100LotF and so on until column EO that is the last column on the worksheet, starting at 2300ABC to 2300LotF, that ends the counting process until the next day.

    Is There a Way to keep the same Date and Data in the same row on a worksheet with this code below?. I am trying to update a Hourly Count Sheet and the end users of the form need to close the program and re-enter the data for the next hour. on a daily bases. Is this possible?. Thank You. I have included The Module in this code.

    I will try again i have to get my wording write so i do not cause any more problems. i need some time. Thank You so much for your understanding.

    I am so sorry for the trouble i have started. I did not mean to cause any problem i will remove the post once again Sorry for the trouble. Still learning. Thank You.

    As i am sure all can tell I'm still learning and i don't explain thing very well. Having side that i wanna Thank You all for your time.

    Wow!! What has happen to this site it use to be a friendly site where the title of the assistance needed did not matter, as long as a reasonable explanation was given. You probably did not even read the the type of help needed you just saw the title. ;(

    I have this parking lot worksheet that is being used to track available spaces in a number of parking lots. I have a code that locks the enter sheet until a date is enter. What I need to happen is after the date is enter I need that 1 merged cell to be lock so no one can change the date. even if they go to a previous date I am enclosing a copy of the worksheet.Space Counts.xlsm I am also enclosing the code that lock the sheet until the date is entered. ("M10") is were the date goes.

    Once Again Sorry for the delay Response, But The Math portion is just part of the forms subtracting what the end user puts into the Textbox. The Computer generates a number based on the capacity of the Lot. What ever The End User Puts in the Textbox is subtracted from what the Computer is is showing at the time of the count.

    I am sorry for the delay, That is what is being used right now but the end-users for whatever reason find it hard to use that form require the current date to be input so that the form unlocks If There is a way to lock the date cell or cells after input might help. another problem with that excel base form is when looking up a previous date it is asking for the date to re-enter i am enclosing a copy of the sheet so u can see what I am talking about, Space Counts.xlsm