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    Hello there. Longtime listener, first-time caller.

    I apologize in advance but am unable to upload any snippets due to proprietary information.

    What I'm trying to solve for: We're looking to have the user select a group of cells (all visible, may be filtered or unfiltered), Excel count the number of selected cells, and place values A->D in the selection based on pre-determined proportions.

    Number selected: 45
    Value = A for the first (45 x 0.5) rows (here, 23)
    Value = B for the next (45 x 0.15) rows (here, 7)
    Value = C for the next (45 x 0.1) rows (here, 5)
    Value = D for the final (45 x 0.25) rows (here, 11)
    ** If the 23+7+5+11 > 45, Value D would be cut down to 10 due to potential rounding issues.

    Ultimately, based on the above, rows 2->24 would be A, rows 25->31 would be B, and so on. All done via a single (or set of) loop(s).

    Number selected will differ each time along with whether it's filtered or unfiltered. So I imagine CellType.Visible will come into play at some point.

    I already have the counts & proportions worked out (shown below). It's really the Do Loop construction that's been frying my brain. Amateur troubleshooter with VBA here & Googling has only gotten so far to this point.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you would have any questions on the above.