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    So, Ill try to explain what Im doing. I want to count blanks in a column if one of multiple conditions are met.

    In another section of my sheet, I don't have multiple conditions, so the formula im using is: =IF(NOT(ISBLANK(C3)),(COUNTBLANK(C4:C19)),0) and its working well because I'm simply choosing if C3 is blank or not.

    However, in another cell, my problem cell, I want to countblank from either G4:G15 OR G4:G20 depending on whether the value in G3 is exactly 12 OR exactly 17
    I've tried IF(OR... with no luck, and a bunch of random formulas that I thought would work. Ive tried to nest (not sure if thats right) IF formulas using:

    And i thought that closest that I had was =(IF(G3="12",(COUNTBLANK(G4:G15)),("0"))*IF(G3="17",(COUNTBLANK(G4:G20)),("0")))

    Either I get an error message, or the value in my selected cell shows as "0" even when I enter 12 or 17 into G3.

    If this makes sense...any suggestions??

    Thanks Everyone.