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    Hi All,

    I have read that using .select & .activate, are bad practice and slow down the code. I am copy and pasting between sheets and am finding it is taking quite a long time to execute.

    Would anyone be kind enough to tell me how I would clean up the following code? Or is this one those occasions when those two actions need to be used?



    Really need some help with the following task please.

    I need a macro to copy and paste every 2nd cell in specific columns (they differ) to another sheet but in consecutive rows. I need for instance to copy and paste everything that has a value, starting from cell G9 and continuing with G11, G13... and start copying into another sheet from B3, B4, B5.... I also need in the same macro to copy and paste the cells from G10, G12, G14... into the other sheet into DX3, DX4, DX5..... I would usually have between 5 and 25 cells to copy.

    If anyone could explain how to do this it would be much appreciated!