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    Re: Conditionally show zero or last two characters of text string


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    Please tell me what I am missing . . .
    =IF(A24=RIGHT(A24,LEN(A24)-FIND("("-")OR(" ")",A24,1)),0,RIGHT(A24,2))

    A24 will never be equal to a part of its data string. Example: if A24 contains "Yellow Submarine" it will never be equal to "marine" (assuming this the string portion returned from the RIGHT formula). The equal operator demands both sides of the equation be exactly the same.

    The arguments in the OR function must evaluate to either true or false. This function could be nested in the IF statement, but only if you are testing for true or false conditions returned by the OR function.

    Highly recommended: learn to use the formula evaluation tool in Excel. By stepping through formulas you can see how Excel evaluates each argument and the result that is returned. It is a great learning tool.

    You should post either a sample workbook (dummy data) or give examples of the data strings along with the expected/desired results and explain your logic clearly.

    Re: Change cell background color based on another cells background color


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    Re: Create Room Reservation System


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    Re: MsgBox / VLookUp


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    Re: Very Large File - why?

    Clarifying PCI's post:

    You must delete the rows/columns by highlighting them and using the right-click to display the context menu then choosing delete.
    Deleting with the delete key does not reset the last cell.

    My method:
    Press Ctrl + End to go to the last used cell
    Select all row or column headers
    Right-click to get the pop up menu > delete
    Immediate save

    Re: Messaging all users currently using Shared Workbook


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    Re: Can this be automated


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    Suggested thought: Automate copying rows based on counter number increment.

    Re: Calculate percentage based on the cell values Y/N/NA

    Hello Pam.

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    I think you need to more clear about the percentage values.
    Is the percentage values applicable only when "Y" is selected from the drop down? What percentage is applied if the selection is "N" or "NA"?

    Maybe this will get you started


    Re: Sub-categories within an Exel pie chart

    Hi Konuku,

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    Most seasoned Excel users and those involved with data visualization will tell you to avoid pie charts as they are not the best choice for showing comparisons. Beyond 3-4 data points piece charts become useless. If you must use them make sure to only use the 2D type so as not to distort the proportions of the slices.

    A stacked column chart may be a better option

    You could also use a clustered column chart and plot the three subgroups on the primary axis and break out the largest sub-group values and plot them on the secondary axis in the same chart.

    If you must stick with pie charts, you can still use a separate pie chart for the largest sub-group and just format the main chart and break out chart to remove borders, position legends, data labels, etc and then adjust the layout to make them appear as one contiguous chart.

    How to Select the Right Chart for Your Data

    Re: Search workbook and activate sheet where value is found


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    Your workbook design, to be honest, is a real disaster and you're only making it much more difficult for yourself and others with the current approach.

    Data and reports should always be kept on separate sheets.
    The data sheet should always be in a classical database structure which means first row is a header row with the header cell using a descriptive text that identifies the type of data in the cells/ immediately below it.

    All rows below the header row are "records".

    Recommended reading: Excel Best Practices & Efficient Spreadsheet Design


    This has to be the one as about 5 different people need to understand it. It is simple to follow for them (this is an age thing)

    A properly designed workbook will only help facilitate the searching and make it easier for other users.

    Re: VBA .Value cuts off ending 0's

    Cells are formatted as General until you change them. For numbers the default decimal place setting is two places.
    It is likely the default format is being applied which automatically drops trailing zeros.

    Suggest you either copy and pastespecial values & formatting or apply the format of choice to the range after pulling the values.

    Re: Return matching value from other sheet using drop down list


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    Re: Count entries within specific date range


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    See the Excel Help on the COUNTIFS function.
    Here is a basic example


    To make this formula more dynamic you could replace the hard-coded dates with a cell reference. This would allow you to simply enter new date ranges and update the count without having to rewrite the formula or create another formula.

    =COUNTIFS(Sheet2!A2:A7,">="&A1,Sheet2!A2:A7,"<="&B1), where A1 and B1 contain date values

    Re: Locking the worksheet to A1

    You might also try using worksheet protection.
    Set A1 locked property to unlocked, apply sheet protection and uncheck the box "Select Locked Cells".
    This will prevent the user from moving to other cells on the sheet.

    You may also hide all columns and rows that you do not plan to use and maybe limit the visible screen area.
    You can also use the Excel options to turn off the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

    Not certain in your case, but I think you may need at least cell A2 to be unlocked as well. Some scanners will send the equivalent of an "Enter key" after the scan which forces an exit from edit mode. If you have issues with this unlock cell A2 or just do a test scan before protecting the sheet and confirm the behavior of the scanner.