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    Re: Scatter plot

    In Excel, using the default cell format, all numbers are automatically right aligned and all text strings are left aligned.
    Your data are right aligned - hard to tell if this due to a formatting change or if these are really text values that appear as numbers - the "numbers" appear to be data strings.

    The row-1 cells should be header cells.
    Suggest you create a new table with valid header and numbers, using default format or a number format then try to create the chart.

    Re: Highlight all duplicates after first occurence


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    Re: matching data


    To understand either formula:

    1. Read the Excel Help on each function used and get a clear understanding of the syntax and arguments
    2. Use the Evaluate Formula tool and step through the formula to see how Excel is executing each argument and the results that are being returned.

    Both formulas are Array Formula - if you are not familiar with them, visit YouTube and watch a few videos on them, many are available.

    Re: Calculate Working Hours Between 2 Dates Including Saturday


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    Re: Calculate sum based on four criteria


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    Re: How to Create Alerts to Make Users Add Comments if a Specific Option is Selected

    Basic question: if you copied and pasted the formula, did you make sure to capture/include the equal sign. All formulas must include the equal sign at the start.

    Also if you captured a leading space character it will be invisible and force the formula to appear as a text string.
    Try typing it directly in the cell rather than copy paste.

    Check the format of the cell. If it is formatted as text, then you will have to reset the format to General. Select a cell that you know is using the default General format, then use the Format Painter to apply the format of this cell to the target formula cell.

    Re: OFFSET replacement to get rid of save prompt

    This formula was just an example - not a working solution.

    First, your data must be in an Excel Table.
    Then you would need to use the actual table name and reference to the applicable table column. The link I gave will get you started on using tables and structured references.

    For more help, do a web search on Excel Tables and Structured References.

    Re: OFFSET replacement to get rid of save prompt

    I don't consider it a good practice to reference entire columns, as in G:G.

    You could create a dynamic named range and use it.


    Where MyRng is the named range

    Or if you are using an Excel Table you could use a structured reference to the table column. Tables are automatically treated as dynamic ranges in Excel, so no need to create a named range.


    Re: Are worksheet names an efficient way to create "variables"

    It might be best to upload an example work sheet . . . so that your needs are clearly understood.


    I assume it would be much more efficient to calculate these in one place and then have the formulas refer to that, rather than doing something like TODAY() - 180 in every row

    Maybe a named formula will work for you.

    Name: Days180
    Formula: =TODAY()-180

    Then reference the named formula in your table:

    Re: Conditional Insert Of Page Breaks


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    Re: ounces for excel template?


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    Re: Dynamic Cell Ranges Within Formulas

    I'm glad PCI's solution is working for you.

    However, I don't see how that formula is meeting your requirement of randomly selecting "any cell" and automatically getting the row number of the selected cell, but perhaps that is not what you wanted/meant - - given you now have a working formula in hand.

    Re: Dynamic Cell Ranges Within Formulas


    I'm looking to see if I'm able to enter a formula in any cell, find the row# of the cell that I'm entering the formula in . . .

    Then I randomly click on cell D20. Is there a way I can write a formula that would instantly select A20 as the starting range for my formula . . .

    Dynamically setting the row reference to equal the row of any randomly chosen cell will absolutely require VBA.

    Perhaps if you posted a sample workbook (dummy data) that includes a few examples of your needs and a clear, explicit explanation of your logic, etc. someone may be able to provide a method or suggest a solution that will be feasible.