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    Hello wonderful experts! Apologies that my header was long - I'm trying to accurately describe my problem.

    I'd like for any cell to turn orange upon entry (Sheet1, A2:A17) if the data entered there does not equal a project on the list shown on Sheet2.

    For example, if they enter just the number "5" in A2 on Sheet1, it would turn orange because that isn't an offered project code on Sheet2. If they entered "402Plan" it would stay white, because it IS on the list on Sheet2. I thought at one point I had it figured correctly but it may have only worked for the same corresponding cell, and I need it to look at the whole range on Sheet2. They also have the option of leaving it blank, with no project Code on Sheet1. I hope that makes sense. I've tried a lot of searching but can't seem to find a clear solution for this assumed conditional formatting. Thank you in advance!

    I attached a much smaller example of what I referenced above.

    Hi All,

    Apologies in advance for my ignorance on a lot of this, but I have this calendar started that automatically inputs items onto the calendar based on the list compiled on tab 2. However, instead of having 6 lines available on the calendar, I'd like to have half as many by combining the cells to have 3, larger spaces for each date so that the text can wrap and fit the entire task name.

    I WILL be eliminating the Phase (E1) that is adding to the length on the calendar, but I know how to do that part.

    I just don't know the quickest, easiest way to make each date a 3 section allowance and maintain the formula integrity.

    Again, sorry if this is small fries or if the question is unclear. I attached the spreadsheet I am working with for your reference. I appreciate all the help that can be given!

    I hope I can explain this question clearly - apologies for the amateur hour. I've attached an example of the spreadsheet for clearer reference.

    Is there VBA code that will take data from one sheet that is created by formulas ("Budget Use Only") and automatically paste it as TEXT to a separate sheet ("Upload - Budget Use Only")? I need it automatically transferred as text as it will be an upload into another software. I'd like it to paste open-ended (if possible) so no matter how much is entered on the other sheets it will continue (if not able, at least 500 rows as a range).

    Thank you for being so patient!

    I have some VBA code in the attached file that is meant to sort by column H (Log #) in ascending order (54100 to 54109) on OPEN. It works correctly as I F8 through the subroutine but when I save and close and re-open, the sort isn't happening. I made sure it was set to auto_open and in the general module of the workbook but my knowledge is limited as to if that's even accurate (as I'm sure you can tell :wink:). I have it saved as macro-enabled also. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? I want the lines to remain sorted together as it sorts. Thoughts?

    You. Are. AWESOME!!! I'm over the moon! Thank you SO much!! I was already stoked about the conditional formatting version (which I tinkered with on my own but didn't quite get) and didn't think of taking it a step further and having the automatic step with the date in column F! Bless you!!!

    I'm sorry--eek!. I provided several examples in the attached spreadsheet this time, and the log list WON'T have an indicator of what was used. If it needs one to make the formula work, then that's fine.

    I'm wondering if it would be simpler if I have a formula that says if H4:H2000 on the final estimate log sheet has numbers in the range of A3:A2000 on the Log #'s sheet, then that log number would turn yellow on the log #'s sheet. So people can reference the log #'s to see what number is next to be used (because it isn't highlighted).

    For example, if I enter 54100 in H4 because it is the first available log #, I'd like A2 on the Log #'s sheet to turn yellow. Continuing down, I would know to use 54101 next for cell H5 because A2 on the Log #'s sheet is highlighted. Step further, if I enter 54102 in H7 because it is the next un-highlighted log # it would then highlight 54012 on the Log #'s sheet regardless of the gap in H6 because that final wasn't completed yet.

    Does that make sense?

    Apologies in advance if this should be in the VBA section but I'm hoping to accomplish with a formula (if possible but not 100% necessary if it will work without hiccups).

    Rather than explaining and being long winded, I attached the workbook I'm dealing with. When we receive Final Estimates (via fax) we have to log it as received in the green section. No big deal. Then, when an employee goes to complete one they would fill out the blue section (not necessarily in the order received). I want the "LOG#" cell to automatically fill in with the next unused number (number list is on the "Log #'s" sheet).

    Because it will autofill in when they are completed AND it needs to recognize that a number may be used already and out of order on page one (because of whenever it gets completed) I'm not sure the best way to do this (if I even can). Some sort of: If F4 contains data, then H4 inputs next chronological log number on Log #'s sheet that hasn't been used in Column H previously.

    Finally, sometimes a final is removed altogether before it gets completed because it is no longer needed. If the data or row is deleted, will it prevent the formula/code from working?

    I'd hope for something that isn't affected by a sort on any columns. Yikes!

    At this point, I'm possibly thinking too hard and there is a simpler solution, but there may not be one? HELP!