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    I'm still struggling to find the code I need. So, I have code to copy the folder hierarchy and store it in the users temp folder. Is there a way to then have a SaveAs window automatically open after the macro stores the folder in temp? As if I am right clicking on the folder in temp and selecting save as? So the user can then save the folder where they want? Sample of my code below.

    Thanks for that. But, is there a way to prompt a SaveAs window to open? I'm copying the same folder each time so I can have that path stored in my code. Its the destination that's variable. So I have my code attached to a button. I would like to click it then be prompted to select a destination location and change the folder name using a SaveAs. The folder contains a number of empty sub folders that represent a folder hierarchy that I use often.

    Hello, I'm trying to write code allowing me to Copy a folder then paste it. I have the basic code down using fso.CopyFolder. Instead of using a set destination I would like to prompt the user to select the destination folder. Thanks for the help!

    Hello, I am having some difficulty with programming what I thought would be a simple macro. I require the following:

    While in an open workbook(a) I will manually select a certain row.

    I will then click a button called "Archive" that will Copy the entire rows contents including format and delete the row from workbook(a).

    The macro will then open workbook(b) and paste the copied row into the next empty row.

    Workbook(b) will then save and close.

    Focus will return back to Workbook(a).

    Thanks in advance for the ideas!

    So, I have a large userform that includes a Cancel button. I would like an abort function included. For example a vbyes/no "Are you sure you want to cancel?" I experimented with a few things but when I run the Privare Sub CommandButton1_Click I loose the userform. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

    Ok, so theres no way to search a dir for a folder like this:

    Location: c:\test\test1\test2\

    User input: mark

    Search: c:\test\test1\test2 & *mark*

    If found: store path

    Would you like to open folder?: path

    Yes --> Open folder

    These are the steps I would like to follow. Just need to convert them to VBA :).

    Thanks for that! But not exactly what I am looking for. I would like to use an input box prompting a user to enter a search variable. Then upon submitting the macro will look in a preset Dir for a folder containing the variable. Then give the option to open the found folder.