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    Hi all attached is my code. I would like the program to go back to mainpage( a userform) once its unable to detect a match. Please do advice!

    Hi could someone please advise me on how to run modules at a certain time? the following images would show how my code is like thanks! I've tried running the modules seperately and they do work! so i think the issue is with the ontime function do let me know thanks.

    Hi OZgrid currently my date time picker control is only able to allow people select the date however i would like it to select the time as well is this posssible? please do advise!

    Hi OZgrid, in the if statement i currently have the condition to be "whatever date is present in the cell in column 3 minus the current date is equal to smaller or equal to 7 days" then the code would execute. However i would like to change the condition to whereby the code would be executed lets say 5 hours before the date in column 3 would this be possible please do advice!


    Attached is your test as a starting point ...

    Hope this will help

    Hi carim may i know what does the res in dim ID , res mean?

    Can you describe the logic of what you are trying to do, in detail, here? Trying to work out your aims by trying to decipher incorrect code is not so easy.

    Hi glenn i would like to conduct a search of the persons user ID for example if i were to key in 12345678 , cells H2 , H3 and H4 would have their name , email and their departments placed in respectively. When a vlookup places an invalid value , i would like a msgbox to appear, I am aware of how to do this on the sheet itself by using formulas however have no clue how to proceed via the usage of a vba code do advise me! Attached is the file if you would like to work on it thanks so much!

    Hi guys attached above is my code i am trying to conduct a vlookup in vba however im unable to get excel to return the value into the specific cells namely H2,H3,H4. H1 is the value that im searching for. Im also trying to make it search through a list of items hence if the value in cell H1 is not in the list a msgbox appears and upon pressing ok or cancel it returns to the mainpage. Do let me know if theres any errors awaiting your reply and thank you in advance!

    The reason it doesn't work is twofold

    1) you have changed the formula in H2 to return an R1C1 style address, change it back to an A1 style address.

    2) you have not used the code I suggested.

    Hi i have rectified the issue thank you very much!

    What did you change the formula to? You already had a formula in there.

    There was a typo error my bad however Range(Range("H2").Value).Offset(, 3).Value = "Text" still does not work if it works for you could you please post your excel file here thanks!