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    thank you for your response, i am aware it needs a tidy up, i am still new to programming so its a bit tricky for me to have gotten as far i have, i will run the program and see what happens because it usually only gives me an error about 20-30 minutes in however im not sure what you mean by missing sheets as everything is running according to the functionality it is required

    if you can please advise on missing sheets you are referring to so that i can learn, the more i can learn the better i can be

    good day, i have written a program as seen in the file linked, however i am using a Lenovo touch pad and have the windows 10 excel working on it, what happens is when i run my program i receive a error message saying catastrophic error, when i take off the function of hiding the boarder as seen under modules " Hide Boarder" then i do not occur an error, is there any other method i could use to hide the boarder as it is one of the more relevant functions of importance in this program

    Copy of TextBox_Class.xlsmCopy of TextBox_Class.xlsm

    i have multiple textboxes on a multipage user form, the userform will be used on a windows tablet without a keyboard, so i wish to use the numberpad as an alternative method,

    there is a simple way but it will require way too much coding,

    what i want to do is program my number pad i created to insert the numbers i place into the label( called lbl) on the number pad into the textbox( eg. textbox i selected

    so effectively i want to select a textbox ( eg. textbox3) and then use the number pad and once i click enter i want the value i typed in lbl to then go into the textbox ( eg. textbox3)

    kind of, what i need is for the value of lbl by the number pad to go to the textbox i click to input that value

    because i need it for a test sheet i made so its only numeric figures

    good day, i have set up a program for a windows table and i could not get the screen keyboard to work for what i need so i have created a number pad to do the trick however i am unable to figure out how to get the value in a label to insert into the textbox i need

    so what i want to happen is to click on a textbox, and then type an amount onto the number pad and upon enter it should input the value to the selected textbox

    i have put an example under testform in the attachment

    if you have any ideas any would be appreciated

    Flintcast macros.xlsm

    Good day, i have created a multi purpose userform that i would like to lock to the entirety of a tablet so the the user of the tablet cannot leave the program without entering a code upon a close button.

    i used a code on a separate userform that worked perfectly to hide the boarders, that code is :

    However when i try use this same code when working on a different userform it does hide the boarders,,

    if there are any other methods i could try any help would be appreciated

    it runs the same as i had it except it is giving me a type mismatch error once the CDbl() function is used thats wht the Val() function worked the best here,

    all i am getting stuck on is trying to find the Numeric Value of the things so when i F8 through it should read as follows when i hover mice over the codes

    WC = 22.55
    W1 = 100.04
    W2 = 122.63

    instead of

    WC = Txtbox1A2
    W1 = Txtbox1A3
    W2 = Txtbox1A4

    and so on

    i have the formula to just get the first lines answer but want to be able to loop through lines so that my code wont be as long.

    if you have any advice it would be much apreciated

    sorry you may have to zoom the userform to 100 i am not sure if i set it back

    good day

    i have written a macro to find the answer to a sum i have for a single line in userforms Excel vba
    but now trying to do the same through a loop i am not getting the textbox values

    below is the code i am using currently that picks up text box names but not the values in the textbox

    Private Sub CalculateGroup()
    Dim WC As String
    Dim W1 As String
    Dim W2 As String
    Dim D As String
    Dim R As String
    Dim T As Double
    Dim W As String
    Dim Q As String
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim J As Integer
    Dim test As Integer

    For i = 1 To 4

    'test = UserForm3.Controls("Txtbox" & i & "A" & J).Value <----- this is the textbox where the answer goes

    WC = "Txtbox" & i & "A" & 2
    W1 = "Txtbox" & i & "A" & 3
    W2 = "Txtbox" & i & "A" & 4

    R = (Val(W1) + Val(WC)) - Val(W2)
    T = Val(R)

    Q = Val(R) / Val(W1)
    W = Val(Q) * 100
    'test.Value = W
    ' test.Text = Format(test, "0.00")

    Next i

    End Sub

    i have tried Val("Txtbox" & i & "A" & 2) but it gives a 0 instead of textbox value

    if anyone could help it would be much appreciated

    the file you sent when i ran it it gave me dubug error but what i did in my find data modue was i took this line of code :

    If Not rgFound Is Nothing Then
    firstAddress = rgFound.address
    RowFound = rgFound.row
    Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & TargetRow) = Sheets("sheet2").Range("b" & RowFound)
    Sheets("Sheet1").Range("c" & TargetRow) = Sheets("sheet2").Range("d" & RowFound)
    and added: Sheets("Sheet1").Range("O" & 2) = Sheets("sheet2").Range("F" & RowFound)

    under it and that fixed the problem i was having

    all passwords are set as 123 until i am done

    i have got the whole userform and sheet to work together and like i said unfortunately i am brand new to this kind of work so i am learning on the go

    i appreciate everything you have said and helped with

    i shall change the merged cells in future as i have witnessed in my coding it makes life hard haha

    the inputting of the weight is the last step needed for me to complete this project