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    I have a macro written on a specific sheet (not a module). What it does is when a selection is made in the dropdown in C2, it populates, in the adjacent cell, D2, another dropdown depending on the selection in C2.

    This work perfectly.

    However, this configuration will not allow me to insert a row, which pushes the data in Row 2 to Row 3.

    Here is the code on the sheet.

    When I insert a row, I get MSVB error: Run-Time error '13': Type Mismatch

    When I click Debug, it sends me here:

    Any help would be epic, I have been struggling with this.



    I have a need. The same filtering methods are done monthly on roughly 15k rows of data. Nothing changes, filtering-wise, other than the date. The date filter is complex so-to-speak, It is broken up by Year/Month/Day/Time.

    What I would like is that when the macro runs and it comes to field:=12 (Column L) a popup occurs which contains the exact same options as what is present when done manually. I will include code below. However, if this becomes moreso an act of god to achieve, I could be happy if the MACRO selected all entries within the year/month I am within when running the MACRO. I have many MACROS that require this ability, however, I will include a simple one.

    Here is the screen shot of the filter, in this example, I'd want everything selected in December:

    This is making me bonkers and please forgive my ignorance, I am learning as quickly as I can and I have come a long way. However, I am stuck.

    All I want is a very simple routine and it shouldn't be as complicated as I am making it.

    Active worksheet ("Unique").
    Column B
    Cell 1
    Is the background Red (Conditional formatting "Bad" Red as in 255,199,206)?
    Yes? delete the whole row
    No? Go to the next cell in column B
    When the last populated cell in Column B is considered, Stop

    Some of the code out there is all over the place. Is there an "I'll make it complex to wow and impress the world?" or am I just stuck in a learning curve? Get Buddhist on me, bare bones, minimal.

    Thanks in advance for your help.