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    Greetings Fellow users,

    I have created checkboxes for 74 rows ("D5:D74")

    If checked I would like to copy items is ("B5:B74")

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    You are an amazing help, hopefully i can get this project done by close of business.

    I cant get the code to work, i dont know what im doing wrong, but im watching a video , because i put the code in the command button, but its not populating the cells when i press submit/

    Sorry for not clarifying myself, it should populate in sequence A52, A53.....and so on, since not all check boxes will be used im guessing next available row

    Thanks Rory,

    The user will select multiple checkboxes, I initially tried option buttons, but they limited me to 1 selection, that's why I chose to use checkboxes. If you look at my snapshot I have the userform open up and the user selects which options are best for him/her and the data will be placed in cells A53:A65

    I am currently working on a project where I have 20 checkboxes , what I am trying to accomplish is if checked, the checkbox caption will be put in a cell range A52:A63. I cant seem to figure out how to do the looping or even if I am on the right track. this is my code below which is simple but I'm sure it should be more complex than this. I have also attached an example of what I'm trying to do. I am not asking for anyone to do my work for me, I want to learn, I am a beginner. Any help would be greatly appreciate.