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    Hello all.

    I'm currently trying to figure out a way to create a from using this as a template:

    The usage of this would be the user could search for the product and it would auto fill the data. they could also add another part in using this same form.

    now currently this is just an excel template of what I would like for it to look like. the giant blank spaces are for pulling pictures and such. i'm not entirely sure my question makes since but if you need me to clarify a bit more i can try. I'm looking for anyway for this to be possible weather it be a formula or a macro. again though as I said i'm not sure this is possible using excel or even the dreaded access.

    You could do a COUNTIFS and see if there's at least one data point.

    Works like a Charm! I didn't even think of doing a count!

    Thanks so much!!!!!

    I'm currently creating a document that would allow supervisors to audit their people.

    I'm looking for a way to prevent saving if cells I and J are not completed if the person failed the previous audit.

    Here's photo of what my current document looks like to kind of get an idea:

    [Blocked Image:]

    I have a formula set in column H to put the phrase Pass or Fail if a certain point range is not met:

    =IF(G4="","",IF(G4>=85%,"Pass",IF(G4<85%,"Fail"," ")))

    I need to make it that they have to fill in all data after this if the associate doesn't reach that 85% point goal. The following code is what I have so far but I cannot get it to work properly. Any changes or new code is happily accepted.

    technically it would only be the cell of H4 but I need it for the entire column as this would be an ongoing document for the month. so the usage would be you would select the person being audited what machine they are working on Column F would produce the points possible you would enter the Points scored on column E G would give your percentage and the formula in H would generate your Pass Or Fail value. if Value H is Fail I would like it to lock out saving untill the Fill in Column I and J.