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    Your code is not copy/paste.

    try this

    You may have to loop through the range to create the to list

    This will go in the command button

    I didn't merge the cells in column A

    No error trapings

    I believe the problem is saving this workbook as a .xlsx file because it is a .xlsm file.

    I do see that you have considered SaveCopyAs and noticed you can't change the file extension to .xlsx

    Here is a consideration.

    Save a copy to the temp folder, open that copy and saveas a .xlsx workbook to the desired location.

    See this sample

    Please don't take this the wrong way Uncle Stringer...If I jump back and forth that would be counter productive and rude. :|

    Pretty sure davesexcel was quoting you, I really doubt you offended him.

    Were you able to experiment with the code I provided, explain how it doesn't work for you so we can help.

    Learning how to step through a code is important as well, when you step through the code you will see what is happening and then you will know where the problem is.

    Debugging code

    Did you read post #8?

    Might be best to create another variable string with the complete workbook name instead of confusing everything.

    Check out this code sample.

    You can search for both strings in the worksheet name