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    I have been fighting this problem for a couple of hours now and could use some real help.

    I have three variables; Independent variables x & y, and dependent variable z.
    x & y can take the values 1,2,3 and can equal each other
    z can also take on values 1,2,3 but can never equal x or y.

    I tried using if/and statements to solve this (see below), but I would have to do it for each case and it exceeds Excels embedded function limit. Any one have any ideas?


    Thank you in advance,

    I am trying to count the number of unique text entries in a column of data. I know I can use a pivot table and then the sum function, but I want to be able to have it count automatically as we add data to the list. I'd appreciate any help I could get


    Re: Multiple If And Statments


    cells A1 & B1 have the info. THe equation will be in A2. For any thing to happen, B1 has to be yes. if it is not I need to return a blank cell to A2. If B1 is yes, and A1=A, i need A2=B. If B1 is yes and A1=B, I need A2=C.

    Hope that makes more sense.


    I have searched the site and havent found exactly what I am looking for.

    I am trying to us and IF(AND) statement multiple times. I have a cell that is dependent on two cells above and have been using an IF AND that if B1=YES and A1=A then A2=B. But I want to add multiples to this because if A1 is already equal to B I want it to equal C. Finally, if B1=NO I want to return an empty cell.

    Any Ideas?


    Re: Vlookup And Multiple Arrays

    Ok, Ive included my worksheets to see if I can understand this better. The member level worksheet is the one that has the information entered into. in the deal member level worksheet I want to be able to enter in their group id # and have the vlookup function enter in the corresponding member Id #. I tried entering the formula in cell B2 but its not working... any ideas.


    I have two column on two seperate worksheets. One worksheet has both columns filled out. On the second worksheet, I want to be able to type in info in once column and have excel pull the other column from the other worksheet.


    ID Name ID Name
    1 Bill 3 ?VLookup?
    2 Steve
    3 Mike

    Ive tried using Vlookup('worksheet1'!A2:A4,'worksheet1'!B2:B4,2) but can not get it to work. Can anyone give some help. Thanks,

    Re: Pre-fixing Numbered Rows With Cell Information

    I know I used the word row, but what if I just want it to start at number one and then add them consecutively. So I would have

    =$A$1" - " but instead of &ROW() i just want it to start at one and continue to add a number each row I move down to.


    I have a title row containing the name of a test that I am running. Each row under that will be numbered for different test senarios. I would like to have each row contain the test name and then a consecutive number such as:

    Test name: Ball

    Ball - 1
    Ball - 2
    Ball - 3

    Is there a way to have excel pull the name of the test from a cell and put a consecutive number with it down the rows as I go automatically?


    I am a novice so please excuse this simple question.

    I have two seperate worksheets that will carry the same data (Member Name and Member ID). The first worksheet will have both of these columns filled. But on the second worksheet, when the user types in the members name, i would like their corresponding ID from the original worksheet to automatically appear in the colmn next to the name. Is this possible?