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    Thank you so much dear Mr. Glenn. It works properly.

    Try this:

    =SUMPRODUCT(--NOT(ISNA(MATCH(DIS!B:B,{"Taimani","chaman","Khushalkhan"},0)))*--NOT(ISNA(MATCH(DIS!E:E,{"Group Loan","GMRB"},0)))*--NOT(ISNA(MATCH(DIS!F:F,{"Trade","Trade SS"},0))))

    Thank you so much Mr GlennUK , You hit the nail, Now I want to extend my furmula by adding (DIS!C:C,"<200000") so could you please add this part to above formula?

    Also I need to fix below formula:

    =(SUM(SUMIFS(DIS!C:C,DIS!B:B,{"Taimani","Chaman","Khushalkhan"},DIS!E:E,{"Group Loan","GMRB"},DIS!F:F,{"Trade","Services"},DIS!C:C,"<200000")))