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    Hi royUK,

    Maybe my previous code is abit too long . But to break it down,

    After saving my combobox values into the worksheet, i am trying to link my combobox to the worksheet. For instance, when the user selects one of the combobox value eg device a that is stored in the worksheet,how to select the corresponding values for the row that matches with one of the values in column A and link them with other comboboxes? Below is my code.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I am trying to link one of my combobox with other comboboxes using the data that i have stored in a worksheet. So to be clear, what i want is when the user clicks the combobox that consists of the "devices" combobox it will automatically shows the details of that device through using other comboboxes. For example, when i click device A in device combobox it will automatically show details of device A using other comboboxes without having me to click it.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    However i am stuck at the part where i cannot find a way to select the corresponding column Bi , Ci and Di and link them to the other combobox2,combobox 3 and combobox 4. For instance, when device B is click, combobox2 ,combobox 3 and combobox 4 should auto select look up and 23 and 12 respectively. Anyways here is my code.

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to create a simple userform with combobox values then allows user to add new items and save the items( in the sense the values that you key values into the textbox and both combobox1 and combobox2 gets updated and remains after closing and opening the excel file). Here is my code:

    Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()

    End Sub

    Private Sub ComboBox2_Change()

    End Sub

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

    Me.ComboBox2.AddItem Me.TextBox1.Value

    Me.ComboBox1.AddItem Me.TextBox1.Value

    Me.TextBox1.Value = ""

    MsgBox "Category added to combobox!!"

    End Sub

    Private Sub UserForm_Activate()

    Me.ComboBox1.AddItem "Chicken"

    Dim sh As Worksheet

    Dim i As Integer

    End Sub

    I will appreciate any help.