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    Thank you for the response.

    Sincerely apologise for not taking time to read the Forum Rules. Is it possible to edit the title thread?

    Yes, conditional formatting seems to do the work, however what I want to achieve is get the Excel to find cells that are the same as the ones I control-selected within a range, if that makes sense. And subsequently colour them the same. I mean I could do this one by one using the conditional formatting but I'm looking to do this in one go or a simple function. I believe the other way would be utilising the filtering tool.

    If VBA is not required which I understand, where do you think I can utilise it? And I mean for automation and if you have other suggestions that would be great? So the best way to learn VBA?

    And for the remaining objectives, how do I then get Excel to do: if colour of cell is red then store the numeric values subsequent to it (or maybe say two cells next to it) and then add those values?


    Okay I am quite new to Microsoft VBA and I am trying to apply a code to a personal finance project.

    This is my objective:

    - If multiple cells exists within a range,

    - then fill it with a particular colour and store the numeric values adjacent to it
    - print the total value to say another cell say Cells(9,2)

    At the moment this is I can only do the 1st object for 1 cell.

    When I wanted to do multiple cells like Range("A1, A3, A4") or Range(Cells(x,y), Cells(x,y)), it gave me an error message.