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    Im trying to write an excel VBA code:
    Master file is where the file should be uploaded
    Master file has row 3 filled with the headers or Column names (examples; destination, round trip distance, so on.....)
    the file should be uploaded to this master file by browsing through the computer
    the uploading file's row 1 has same headers as row 3 of the master file (should be checked by code)...(examples; destination, round trip distance, so on.....)
    if its correct then all the values from each column of the uploading file should be filled in the same name column of the master file this code is for n number of rows

    Here is my code, what i am doing wrong
    attaching both of my files for your reference


    Im stuck with a very minor error with the following code.

    What i basically want is every OrderNumber in file i.e "Masterfile" ColumnG should get matched with cell of each value in Column Cof file "POD" and for that respective value its Exclusion value in ColumnE (POD filde) should be copied to ColumnL of "Masterfile".

    Example: for OrderNumber "9207116072" in A5 of Masterfile should be macthed with the ordernumber in POD irrespective in which row its found in POD file, after its matched and its found to be in C9 of ColumnC (POD) so its respective exclusion value 2 should be paste in L5 of Masterfile

    The code as the moment is pasting the POD date ColumnD of POD instead of ColumnE of POD i have attached both the files for reference.

    To use exclusion click Upload Exclusions

    Well, actually you prolly running the file where data has been already uploaded if you refresh the file its not working ,i have attached the same file below but i clear the quantity already filled in the table to check if the code is working and have the same error

    The attached file shows the results I get when I run the macro.

    i have attached the same file below but i clear the quantity already filled in the table to check if the code is working and have the same error


    there is an error in this line

    Set fDate = ws.Range("BI3").Resize(, ActiveSheet.Cells(3, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column - 60).Find(CDate(strdate), LookIn:=xlFormulas, lookat:=xlWhole)


    Apologies for this inconvenience, really sorry but can you look at my post#4. this code is perfectly fine but data is pasted in the both the tables as i want it to get pated in the table starting from ColumBI its getting overlapped because of the file having two tables with same dates in column


    Mumps More clear version of the doc i have t2o (2) tables having same date columns i want this code to run for the table starting from ColumnBI. doc attached



    As this program is a part of a bigger project, this code isnt working in that document i have updated the document according to the masterfile doc, kindly see that the rows are starting from columBI as it was starting before from ColumnA. Kindly help me edit the above code.


    Hi, I'm stuck with few tasks on the project im working on. I would be really grateful if anyone can help me with this,

    So Basically my source data will be in worksheet named “Data”.

    • In Data, we have to match the number in ColumnF in each row to cell A2 in each worksheet other than Data. Once the number is matched, further operations will be conducted on that matched sheet
    • Now, for each row in sheet Data, in its respective matched sheet, we will match the “SKU Number” in the corresponding cell of ColumnQ of Data with each row of ColumnA of the matched sheet.
    • For matched SKU Number in the matched Sheet, we will match the date in ColumnD of Data with the respective date column in the matched sheet
    • Last, we will paste the “Itm Qty” from ColumnS in Data in the matched date column of the matched sheet

    An example of how the program will work, as sheet ‘Data’ in F2 has Sold-to number as ‘123’, from all the spreadsheet cell A2 we matched the respective number ‘123’ which is found to be in sheet named as ‘COSCO’. Now, we will match the cell Q2 value ‘4567’ to column A of ‘COSCO’. When it is matched, in that row we will match cell D2 ‘2-Feb’ with the date columns in ‘COSCO’. When dates are matched, we will copy cell S2 value ‘9’ in the matched date cell. I have uploaded the file for your reference.


    Worked once, the file is getting hanged for some reasons so not sure. Thanks for all the help!


    Copying of an addition of column is required

    Hope you are doing well. a very small addition is required in this code as mentioned below right now it was matching the Ordernumber in ColumnC in "POD "file with ColumG in "masterfile" and pasting the respective POD in Column F of "Mastefile", I now want it to copy the data in ColumnE titled as "Exceptions" and paste it into ColumnL of masterfile keeping the format same like for matched order number its respective exceptions should be pasted in ColumnL of masterfile from ColumnE in file "POD"

    Code of module POD is atatched for your reference and files are uploaded

    Thankyou for all the help