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    Hello, can anyone tell me what the problem is that the path cannot be found?

    When I execute the script, an error message is always displayed at the same place (runtime error 76).

    For Each oDatei In oFS.GetFolder (sDateiPfad).Files

    The whole script for execution is here.

    Het script haalt gegevens op uit een extern gesloten map en voegt deze rij voor rij toe aan een nieuw Excel-bestand.

    Hello, I have problems with the script.

    The file path is not found. The file is located on SharePoint and the script should read the Excel file in a folder located on SharePoint.


    With the following script I want to import data from a closed Excel, into an open file with certain fields. I am working with Excel 2016, but I always get an error message (Right the error message and the script stops at this location.