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    That's the way the nice people at corporate want to do it. They want to know where I was on what day and for how long, and then a total for how long I was there for the week. So the left side is by day, the right is the total for the week. Some of those hours are billable to the unit and some aren't I guess. I dunno, I just show up.

    I used to do it by hand and it wasn't so back back when I only had one place to work at, but with the start of the year they gave me the other two and... yeah. This is easier, I just want it even easier because I'm lazy when it comes to my time cards.

    I'm dumb. Sorry. lol Trying to do this and working at the same time wasn't the brightest of ideas.

    Thanks for the welcome, I do appreciate it.

    I've just updated the thing for the day, it's been a long one.

    Anyway, here ya go...

    Time Card 2-10.xlsx

    So there are 4 different sections here, I left out the information in the bottom one to kind of maybe make it easier? I'd like that G column to populate #2 and #3 when they go into the C column.

    As I said earlier, I'm usually on my phone when I'm doing this and it's a pain to do all the typing on that little touch screen. So the less I have to add/change things the better.

    If that's something that can be done, I've got another request for you wizards out here.

    So I'm not even totally sure how to describe what I want to do, so I'm not even sure how I should look it up. I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else.

    Let me add a picture here and try and explain what I want to do, if it's even possible.

    So I've gotta do these time cards at work. I have four different cards just like this one here. I've already got a formula setup in the far right column that totals all my time in the duration column if it matches the job column. So if the Job is Grounds, it adds all those together for me.

    What I'd like to be able to do, if possible, is when I add something to the Job column, it populates in that right hand column. So If I add grounds on the left, it'll show up on the right. if I put in a unit number, same thing, if I put in that I was working in he office, ditto. Just whatever I put in C32:C55, also goes into G32:G55.

    I've still got to manually go into my SUMIF and add the name there I suppose, I doubt I can make that auto populate as well, but this would save me some time in the long run. Most of the time I work on these it's from my phone and the less typing I have to do there the better.

    Thanks in advance for any help here. I appreciate it. It's been ages since I put a lot of time into excel and I don't remember most of what I was taught and picked up.