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    I have created this code but unable to complete it what i am trying is to if 3.61 is > Col"E" and <Col"F" then copy the value from Col"J" and Paste into A1.

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    I need to create a VBA code that is I have two Sheets in a file. Sheet1 and Sheet2.

    I want to match Sheet2 values these values in Sheet1 Column A and Column F if data matches then copy the corresponding columns Data that are Column B,C,D,E and Paste into Sheet2 Column E,F,G,H.

    I also wants to match Sheet2 C3 value that is Column3 in Sheet1 in the Range("G1:Z1") if Column Header is matches then copy the Matched Column Data into Sheet2 Column "i".

    the thing i want is to match the Sheet2 Range A3, B3 and C3 into Sheet1 and copy paste the Data. I have attached the file with example your help will be much appreciated.

    Yes i have seen the warning that is obviously not good at all. I was just looking for solution.

    and the thing is i have been warned for cross posting but none of the them have posted solution and comments related to post. that means post has been closed.

    Yeah Noted but any solution can given.


    Please make this code correct.

    My sheet has no code. i made the sheet manually.

    I am looking for VBA code which will count 2 color from all worksheets used Columns till last row and then paste the result in summary sheet.

    First Code will count sheet columns till last row (those cell which are colored)

    second Code will create summary sheet

    third Code will paste each sheet Header separately in summary sheet, with sheet name as i made manually in summary sheet and there count result.

    There are two colors in my sheets which i want to count that are Green and Pink and here is RGB(244, 204, 204) & RGB(183, 225, 205).

    Each sheet headers are same that are names in sheet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 so on these are headers.

    I want to count how many green and pink color is in header 1 and so on.

    I want to count the color of cell column wise with given RGB's .

    For Example

    The code will count the two colors for used column across all sheets and will create summary sheet then paste the result there with sheet names and headers.

    Same as summary sheet is looking like.

    I have got this from Ozgrid.

    I also try to learn form other people worksheets.

    All passwords are mentioned in previous comments.

    User - Admin

    Password - Chuckles1

    Unlock Sheet - entity

    Unlock VBA - pbarratt6344