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    Here is the Attached file and i have create some Code to do this which is incomplete Please made required changes and update the code according to requirements.

    Sheet 1 has Data and Sheet2 has result

    Dear Experts i'm using below Macros to run my sheet according to requirements but i need to squeeze (Short) this code like VBA.

    Please Help

    You have replied thrice in above conversation and i had replied your each comment but still my issue is there. Now sheet can be unprotected via given password.

    1. Why do you want to drag the button?

    Your sheet is protected so you cannot change the button's size

    Because i want to adjust the buttons according to my desired location.

    2. You want code to do it? Why?

    I dont want code if i can move or resize the button via MOUSE if no, then please share the code.

    I have already described that how the CommandBox will be move from cell to cell there are two command box in my sheets with named Delete and ADD i want to resize them thier width thier height.

    How it will done.