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    Hello Everybody,

    I would like ask for same help with serial communication. I did build my aruino project and i would like send cell value from excel to arduino with serial communication on COM port.
    I did find few example, but my main problem is the speed. When i send data from excel to arduino on COM port, need around 1-1.5sec do the task which is too long time. I think because before every data send rebuild the connection between arduino and PC.

    Can i ask how can i solve this problem? I would like find jsut something simple code, because i have to send just 1 cell value. I attached the file what i try used.

    Soembody have maybe idea how can i speed up littlebit? If i can reach just 0.5sec communication this can be perfect.

    Thank you.

    Yes, excatly what i would like to do. This is just something extra, i dont know its possible or not, But if i remove the value the highlight as well should be remove. But if its not posible, more than enough for me, if get value in D column jsut highlight that row. Which is empty its have to stay without highlight.

    I did try change the macro but the highlight not work very well, because this code highlight the empty cell as well. Please see below my code:

    In 1.xlsx i have a massive list which is couple of thousand lines. In 2.xlsx file i have like 5-10 or sometimes 30 lines. So i put the value from 1.xlsx to 2.xlsx, after than i would like highlight the row where is the new value.

    Yes i have macro in 1.xlsx, which automatic put the value from 1.xlsx to 2.xlsx, but i would like highlight as well. So yes the 1. file form is 1.xlsm, but i can put other button wich highlight button and its can highlight in 2.xlsx file row.

    2.xlsx file we create this, we put same number from email, and after we have search in 1.xlsx file the value for number, but this part done with macro, i would like just highlight this rows.

    I work with opened files. I hope i explain to you everything. Thank you your help!

    Thank you very much your help! I have just one problem. Later i have to use the 2.xlx file to run script in other app, thats why sadly i can not change the format to .xlsm from .xlsx. Possible to do it from 1.xlsx? Its really big help for me!

    Sorry i forget said to you 2 more things. Can be couple of thousand line, and in 2.xlsx file can be lines with value in "C" whoch different than 1.xlsx.

    Thank you very much your help. I did something like this, but sadly its not work i get always error:

    Hello! I have this code:

    Set w1 = Workbooks("1.xlsx").Sheets("Sheet1")

    Set w2 = Workbooks("2.xlsx").Sheets("Sheet1")

    My poblem is, every time the 2.xlsx file name change, and i would like change it each time, possible to do with button, just browse the file? Its something simple code just copy few cells after if its match with the 1.xlsx file. Th 1.xlsx file can be fix because for this file never change the name, but the 2.xlsx filename always can be anything. I dont have too much experience with VBA, and its totally different than C# so i stuck here.

    Somebody can help me please, how possible give for w2 file name and path with button? Thank you!