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    About the document:

    I have a document that i want to be able to have a certain structure with 4 pages per tab and its a total of 14 tabs.

    This document is gathering the information thats once written in another tab to create a document specified to its purpose eg. one is for explaining what type och equipment and one is for filling in that you've tested the equipment.

    The issue:

    The issue im having is that the printing of the document has a different outcome when it comes to margins etc. meaning that the 4 pages is usually getting into the previous page. I have set the scale to fit all columns and also to non-scale print but it doesn't seem to make much difference when it comes to printing on another printer (either physical or software).

    What i want:

    I want to have the document independant of a unique printer and print the same layout regardless of printer (physical or software)

    Hello! ^^

    Im fairly new to VBA coding and i'm trying to learn as much as possible, but right now i'm stuck on this issue.

    I have a Excel document where i have a lot of data that transfers through to the next worksheets. I have some of them as landscaped and a few is a standing orientation.

    What i'd like the end result of this would be (as close as possible i'd hope):

    1) I make my selection in the listbox of the sheets i want to print

    2) The macro chooses the specific printer to be printed by (this case its named "Bluebeam PDF") I need it to be this printer so that the columns will remain within the margins

    3) The macro is looking for the selections i've made in the listbox

    4) I get a preview of the print

    5) It prints to a location i select and name the file

    I have the listbox set up and a bit of the code but its the final touch that need to be done.

    Is it also possible to select how many pages i will print from each worksheet?

    The code that is running at the moment: