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    The existing macro helps to auto populate a summary table based on the data from Sheet1.

    Criteria for Reported
    1. 3TG=No; Date within 2 years
    2. 3TG=Yes; Date within 1 year

    Criteria for Unreported
    1. 3TG=No; Date > 2 years
    2. 3TG=Yes; Date > 1 year
    3. 3TG and Date=NULL

    Criteria for Total
    1. Reported + Unreported

    I need to have the Reported and Unreported information included in Sheet1 under the To Do column.

    Reason I am using macro is because I will be downloading similar report on a daily basis. Therefore I chose macro over pivot table.


    This is my current macro to auto populate a summary table from Sheet1 to a new worksheet named "Summary". The table consists of Reported, Unreported and Total parts.

    Now I need help to modify the macro so that it can also insert a new column in Sheet1 (column K) named "To Do". The values in this column should referenced to the Reported and Unreported criteria.

    I have attached the excel file to show how Sheet1 looks like.