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    Those are the formulas i have found works to get the necessary value from my data table.

    The vb code needs to hopefully allow loops so that the same can be repeated in consequent cells and rows.

    I have 65 documents to do this in, so ive been looking for a code to used that could easily perform all the necessary tasks for the data as I have multiple data sets

    I have been trying to convert the following excel formula to vba code.


    First one:

    =IF(COUNTIFS($B$4:$B$10320,$P25,$C$4:$C$10320,Q$23)>0, SUMIFS($E$4:$E$10320,$B$4:$B$10320,$P25,$C$4:$C$10320,Q$23), "NA")

    Second one:


    Lets figure it out together8)