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    I had this working macro perfectly fine. I wanted to fine tune and hence I wanted to execute the macro from a different file and I did the below. but I get error on execution as out of range.. Didn't know whats wrong in this... can anyone help me in this?

    Hey Folks...!!

    I have a VBA Script that will copy multiple file data from a folder to a Template that is pre loaded in the same file. My requirements is

    1. I want to add some command button and move the template to somewhere hidden. ( Its ok if a folder has to be maintained).

    2. At the end I dont want my macro file to close since I need to continue working with same Macro file.

    Please tell me a possible idea... My code is as below.

    Im not sure this is still possible... I referred few posts but they dont work with current office edition..

    I have a folder with say around 100 excel workbooks. I need a macro to

    1. Open each file in the directory specified

    2. Read the contents of a particular cell, E8

    3. Create a folder in the same directory with the value of E8

    4. And, move the excel workbook itself to that folder.

    5. Then it opens the next file

    6. If the value of E8 is the same as that in the first workbook, it simply moves it to the already created folder, else it creates another folder with the new value of E8 and moves it there.

    Note: The files are not always saved in a static file path.

    Hi Roy!!

    Please review below for better understanding.

    for example: I have a value "AAA", "BBB",and so on in column A1,A2 similarly I have a set of excel files in a folder with name AAA.xlsx, BBB.xlsx.

    Ill choose folder path to macro manually everytime.

    Finally, by comparing the cell value in column A and file name in the folder, the file path should be displayed in column B for matched items.

    HI Roy.. I have got a solution!! thanks for your work ... if you could please delete the below conversations ill proceed to post the code here as answer...

    brother please don't refer any code in there. that is a separate operation... Please advise on my requirement. Ill use my knowledge to consolidate them ... ( Since explaining everything is creating too much of confusion!! )

    Hi Roy , Ill make it little clear and simpler... please ignore all confusions above and check the below.

    1. I need to browse and set path for files that I have in a folder.

    2. Copy row 10 from all the files in that folder and paste it in the master sheet that that has the macro.

    Please refer the attachment below. Kindly note that I am not trying using this forum as service provider. I have given the area I am failing to achieve In a statement manner.