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    So basically, if i needed anything, you wont answer unless the format was wrong and you will start nagging.

    Either ways, thanks for nothing, i solved it myself so you can close the post. And for your post to me about not starting a new forum unless the previous one is answered, this way is disrespectful, this is the last time i will come here to ask.


    in the workbook i am providing in the attachment, i have 4 sheets A, B, C and D. I want to push the macro code "you will provided " in sheet A in such when i enter the values in Sheet B, it will give the summation in sheet D, and when i push the other macro, i should inter the values first in sheet C, and it should give the summation in Sheet D.

    The issue was that i want to run the code first then enter the values then find the summation. In this order, so please provide me with a suitable code for that

    Hi there,

    I would like to ask for a code for my problem which is i have 3 sheets, let say A,B and C. Sheet B is taking its values from sheet A, i would like a code that when i run it, to deactivate sheet A and activate Sheet C in such Sheet B will take its value from Sheet C not B.

    Please advice and thanks in advance