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    I'm making slow progress and have been able to successfully record use and save simple macros. I did wonder whether you have the title of this book you refer to:

    Microsoft issued a PDF in the 1990s which translated every Excel 4.0 macro command into a VBA equivalent ... I found that very useful during learning. I'll see if I can locate one via Google.

    If I had the title I may well be able to find it in a library around here.

    Thanks for your help - I don't think I would have accomplished what little I have without your encouragement and now I'm beginning to feel i could actually succeed! THANKS

    Glen this is loads of help. I've already been on the Microsoft excel board to ask if they have a copy of the pdf you mention. Your specific suggestions are illuminating to say the least and a little daunting. I learned basic in the early 70s which I found very simple (I was much younger then) and found VBA when I first looked at it had no relationship to the Basic that I had learned. That is essentially the moral here. The technology evolves. One of my macros does a series of regressions on about 50 mutual funds and interestingly it ran faster on a Mac IIfx in the early 1990s than it does today because of the increase in Excel overhead even though the computers today are way faster.


    I have pondered this for a long time. I am aware of the ability to run a second MacOS partition in a newer version of the MacOS and I'm sure Microsoft has trial versions but because most of the projects require action on spreadsheets the macros would require a lot of rewriting to effect those 'calls' on external sheets. Not impossible I accept but it just would be nicer to find someone who is using this old language and is more proficient than I, a 70 + retired person, am.

    The old Macro Language is excel is very different from VBA. To give you a couple of very simple examples. To format cells as a % is not something one can do with a key stroke but with these 4 lines in an excel spreadsheet you can:

    Once you have designated the cell in which percentage is as an excel Macro with the keyboard equivalent of command option p. The language is very powerful and I use it to run regressions on ±50 mutual funds on a weekly basis. Excel for Mac 2011 works with this and Excel 2011 works with El Capitan so that is where I am stuck. I'm trying to find another user who has figured out what combination of Mac and Excel software will work. Hope this clarifies the issue I'm trying to get help on.

    A Macro to format selected cells as % without access to the pull down menu. [p]